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Use Dbx 223 as crossover for subwoofer ?

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I am looking for an active crossover to integrate a powered sub with my main speakers for 2 ch listening. I guess specialty units like Energy EAC, Mirage LFX2 or Paradigm X30 would be eminently suitable but these are hard to find .

So I thought maybe I can use a Pro 2 way + sub Crossover unit even though they were not designed to be used this way.

Has anyone successfully used the Dbx 223 this way? The unit will be placed between a tube Preamp and a SS Power amp and XO freq is 100hz.

An alternate is the MiniDSP but I hesitate to add a digital processor between two analog components .

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The dbx unit would be ok, however with the advances in DSP, you could get a 2 in, 6 out loudspeaker management processor and have the same Xover functions, and add time and frequency domain EQ'ing. Parametric EQ (both global and individual outputs), time alignment of each output, plus you could view and manipulate the entire array of processing on your computer.

dbx makes the Drive Rack PX, Peavy makes a similarly inexpensive piece,... these are both about $399. Obviously, there's many options from that point upward in price.

Good luck
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I am using the dbx 223XL. It's been great, with no audible sound coloration.
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I am using an older dbx223 or 224 (forget, too lazy to walk down two floors and back uo ) to cross over from mains to a pair of subs and it does fine. No extra hum, noise or distortion I can tell. I have the TRS version and use RCA to TRS adapters.
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I realize the OP probably made his purchase decision already, but just thought I'd chime in for the record. I too am using a dbx 223s as an active crossover for the sub in a home stereo. Works great, no noticeable impact on sound quality. And considering that there is a switch to sum both of the low outs, I suspect that someone at dbx considered this as a possible use for the 223 series.

But like FOH said, for not a lot more money you can get a lot of additional functionality. Lately I've been wondering whether I'd like to add EQ. If you think you might end up in the same boat as me, consider one of the options that FOH listed.
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