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Today's Show:
Ever since we saw (or better yet heard) our first demo of Dolby Volume we couldn't wait to find a reason to upgrade one of our receivers with this capability. That's going on four years now! So when Ara's Yamaha "broke" he thought what better excuse to buy a receiver with Dolby Volume. The receiver he settled on was the Harman Kardon 2650.

We also discuss:
  • How you can win a pair of Audioengine A5+ speakers
  • Why do plasma TVs look washed out in the store?
  • Try for research on outdoor cinema
  • And for outdoor screens, have a look at Carl's Place
  • Microsoft offering the Xbox 360 4GB console for $99, two-year Live Gold subscription required
  • AT&T is planning to offer a Home Automation service
  • Warner Brothers is now selling 1080p movies on iTunes
  • Wolf Cinema released their next generation Flagship 3D Home Theater Projectors
  • DirecTV added 81,000 subscribers during Q1 in the US

and a lot more...

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