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I have had this SpyderTV for a while now and though I know it isn't great. I would like to use it for HCRF except sometimes it says no data from sensor. I have simply used SpyderII with it as the dll is the same. I am not sure if I should be creating a new one of some kind or not.

IRE0 always has no data from data whch is fair enough but then IRE10 has sensor data and then IRE20 doesn't. And seemingly I can't just recalibrate the one problem part of my greyscale.

Anyone who knows more about this, it would be great if you could help.

EDIT: Fixed! Solution below:

For anyone who finds this through Google. It is important that when setting to 2000ms that the "extended time for dark.." is turned OFF. Then turn it back on again when setting to 300ms again