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resurrecting an Experimental Dolts sub

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I have an eD A3-300 sub that I'm at the end of my ropes with. I'm sick of poor quality control and constantly nursing this $600 POS with new amps. Now they tell me it needs another new driver.

Since I refuse to give them any more money, what options do I have with the existing cabinet and latest amp? I'm willing to replace the amp too, as it's not likely to last any longer than the previous one. I'd hate to throw the whole thing in the landfill if I can rebuild it and use it as a second sub.

I'm new to DIY but very interested. If this cabinet can be reused this could be a lot of fun for me.

Thanks in advance.
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u sure can the internal size is 2.4cf seems to be turned to 20hzish so go on pe and look at 12''' subs and model them in winisd till u find what u want. i would also measure the port size to figure out the exact tuning.
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Thanks. This is Greek to me at this point but I'll see what I can figure out and come back for advice.

If there are specific drivers (or amps) that could be recommended that would be great. I'm guessing that I may be limited in amps due to the size if the opening?
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"u sure can the internal size is 2.4cf seems to be turned to 20hzish"

shine a light in the port. the cab is 21" deep. if the port doesn't bend, that limits the depth of the tuning to about 25hz or maybe a hair lower in an enclosure of that volume with a 4" port.

i suspect that e.d. calls it "room tuning" instead of "enclosure tuning" because they are cheating, just like paradigm.

depending on what will fit in the cutout, the alpine swr-1243d, jbl w12gti, or the tcsounds epic12 will work fine in that cabinet. All are very good drivers. With 300 watts and a 2nd order highpass around 20hz, none of them will be anywhere close to their thermal or excursion limits and all will perform within a db or so of each other.
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as for an amp, if you want to "kick it up a notch" and can be sure that you have a high pass filter (which filters out low frequencies as should be done in a ported enclosure below its tuning frequency), any of those three drivers will work fine with a "1000 watt amp", but at that point you are kind of getting past plate amps and looking more at pro amps with eq, such as the behringer inuke lineup for bang for the buck (and divide all behringer reported watts by two for something closer to real watts, they seem to be cheating too).
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Oh, I get it. Experimental Dolt.
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Thanks much for the help. I'll gather some info and try to figure out this tuning thing.

eD woofers are slightly recessed and sealed with rubber gasket, this may present a bit of a problem finding a fit, but as long as measurements are standard I should be ok.

I've considered external amp, not sure it's worth it for this box.

Thanks again.
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After multiple attempts at trying to resolve this with Elemental Designs I've decided to go with the TC Sounds Epic 12. It seems to get good reviews and will fit in the enclosure. My biggest concern is how long my latest LT.300 will hold up, or even if it's working correctly.

What's happening now - after installing the new amp in the A3-300 the sub sounds like someone driving with a flat tire, clearly the driver is shot (at least that's what I believe). I was hoping to resolve this, but the moment I challenged them that I was still under warranty all correspondence has stopped, sadly the norm with eD and Alex. While I hate giving them a free pass, life's too short to fight it out with scum.

By the way, winisd looks interesting but I could not get it working under Win7. I am going by advice above that this driver will work. Thanks for the help.
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I do have a question. The Epic 12 is listed as being 2 ohms, the lt.300 says 300w at 4 ohms. I checked the specs for Bash amps and they are also listed at 4 ohms, and seem popular when paired with the Epics. I was hoping to get confirmation that this combination will work. Also might this mean that at 2 ohms the lt.300 will deliver close to 600w?

Thanks in advance.
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The epic is a 4 ohm driver. Maybe dual 2 ohm? If you ran the lt300 at 2 ohms you'd surely fry it at some point. I would honestly pass on the epic 12 unless you plan on pumping up the power. I would take a look at the infinity 1260w reference driver. For a driver that you can get for $57 shipped to your door it's a hot topic at techtalk right now. Its been said that in the right ported enclosure it'll out run the PB13 ultra.

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Thanks Dan. Unfortunately I guess I'm limited in replacing the amp due to cutout, and from experience the lt.300 is extremely fragile. I was excited about the Epic 12, I'll move on.

I am curious why Bash is recommended with the Epic given its listed specs as also being 4 ohm.
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I think you misunderstood, the bash and epic, your amp and the epic would work just fine together. I was just saying with the epic 12 you'll be amp limited meaning the amp will run out of steam before the driver will. I just thought the infinity would be a better fit with your current amp, plus it's like 1/5 the cost.

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Thanks for the clarification. At this point I'm sort of working from a clean slate, just trying to make a decent sub out of what I have. I'm confident this might be possible.

The replacement lt.300 cost me $50. If it fries I'm not out much (but probably challenged to find a replacement that is both recommended and will fit). While my space is large I like just enough bass to know it's there, not enough to shake pictures off of walls. I should be ok.

Thanks again!
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