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SPDIF_IN on PC not recognized

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I just installed a new Logitec 5.1 SS speaker system to my PC. I have Win7 and Realtek HD Audio. I get sound fine in all 5 speakers. My issue is the only way I can get external sound to work is by plugging a headphone cable into the PC "Line in". When doing this, it really isnt true surround.

So I got a Digital coax/spdif_in adapter for my MB. It plugs into the MB via a 3 pin header. I take a spdif optical cable from my Comcast digital DVR to this jack, but it doesnt ouput anything. I have tried "Listen to this device" and "Make this digital as default" with no success. I know it is working because my Sound Manager shows the sound bar moving and it recognized the optical connection.

I read somewhere that there is a possibility about the audio format being streamed from the comcast box is not recognized by Realtek. Maybe someone has an idea of how to test this in another format? Is it an application/installation issue?

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You may want to check in the HTPC forum but I don't think the S/PDIF device on the PC is meant for input, at least not with default drivers and config. My RealTek software has nothing for setting up digital input, only output.

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