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I'm looking for the approximate idle power consumption (turned on with no sound being sent to amp) of the following power supply:

when connected to the following amp board:

I tried asking on partexpress, but 1 answer I got said it would be less than 2 watts and another said it would be on the order of 10-15 watts. The 2 watt explanation went like this:


The rated idle (0dB) current consumption of the TDA7498 6x100w board is 40mA or around 1 watt when supplied 24VDC.
This power supply is rated to consume <2mA at idle plus 12% of 114% of the load's consumption at 24VDC (because it is rated 88% efficient) - or about 0.15 watts.

So including wire losses/etc, expect this unit to consume about 2 watts when powered on and connected to that amplifier board while not receiving any signal.

But then I saw elsewhere someone said:


As a rule a SMPS will draw on the order of 10-15 W at idle, since you are still powering the electronics.

Does anyone know which one is accurate and which is inaccurate?

Thanks a lot,