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Best infrared dongle + app for iPhone/iPad?

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Newbie here, at least with respect to making an iPhone or iPad into a universal remote. I am looking for simplicity and low cost. I am trying to help friend's wives be more comfortable with their new home theaters. So, once set up (which I am willing to do for them), it should be easy to use and reliable.

I see that there are several infrared add-on devices for the iPhone/iPad that, together with their respective app, make the iPhone/iPad into a universal remote: the Griffin Beacon, the RedEye Mini, and the NewKinetix Re.

Has anybody had experience with any of these or any others? Which one would you recommend?

Thank you in advance and if this has been answered before please point me to the relevant post. An advanced search did not show this topic. Thanks!
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Itach + Roomie
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Originally Posted by Brian Hampton View Post

Itach + Roomie

Thanks! However, my friends both bought Denon AVR-1712 receivers which cannot connect to their Wi-Fi network. Doesn't Itach + Roomie require a networked receiver?

Where would the Itach sit? On the coffee table or in the equipment rack? I know my friends' wives would hate adding yet another box.

There is also the issue of cost. Itach + Roomie is about $110, right? The RedEye Mini, is about $35 a lot easier to swallow for guys who HATED to spend $300 (on sale) for their receivers.
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Itach will work wi that denon just via ir not ip.

I have a denon 1912 which is nearly the same and I got it refurbished like about all my stuff.

That's why roomie is a good option. It's the last remote you will ever need (according to roomie)

Of course others will chime in. I'm not familiar with all the solutions. Roomie is great though and easy to setup and use.
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Personally, I think a smart device with an IR dongle is the worst of both worlds. You have the directionality issues of IR, plus the necessity of looking at the screen to operate issues of a smart device remote ( gestures aside ).

As others have commented, an iTach device bases configuration is probably best solution. That being said, you should try the solution you propose out before installing at your friends place. While smart devices have the wow factor, they also have the issue of either dealing with connection time from sleep, or battery drain if always active (and not perpetually connected to a charger ).

In our two theatres, we use both smart device control ( iRule / iTach ) and traditional RF wand remotes ( URC and Harmony ). 90% of the time the wands are what we use. The smart devices are usually for the 'back seat driver'.

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I, personally, carry my iPhone everywhere at all times except if I'm swimming. So, I'm already managing its battery and it works wonderfully as a remote.
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