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Hi -

I have a Samsung BD-C6900 blu ray and a PN63C8000 - both with the ability to stream Netflix Canada. I have connected the blu ray to the network and got Netflix to work - but the picture quality is not what I expected/hoped. (Blu ray connects via HDMI to my Yamaha RX-A800 AVR).

I watched the first few minutes of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, as well as the animated Rio - I had this on my PVR from the Movie Network, so it was an easy comparable - not only is the picture slightly darker, but it seems like it's low quality.

Not sure if I'm missing something here - does the blu ray not stream Netflix in 1080? Is my internet connection not fast enough to support higher resolution streaming? Is there some setting I need to adjust in my AVR setup? Would my TV do a better job of streaming?