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covering outside of sub box ideas

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I built a diy sub a while back using a JL 13 W0.

I have the front Only painted black, and I am looking for ideas on the best way to cover the left, top, and right side using a single piece of the following material.


The box is about 4 feet tall so i will be working with a large piece of vinyl
I needed to use something thin since it will need to bend about 90 degrees on the edges, also all edges are rounded.

My main concern is where the vinyl meets the paint I want that to be perfectly strait especially on the top of the box which will be most noticeable.

I also have to sand down the painted part and spray it again, I planned on painting first and then adding the vinyl.

I attached a pic to help with the description.

any ideas would be appreciated



box.pdf 27.3310546875k . file
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a metal straight edge and a razor blade?
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The simplest would be to cut a saw kerf where you want the vinyl to terminate, then wrap the edge around some thin scrap stock and stuff the edge into the groove. You'd want to hide the groove, I'd suggest you add an edge treatment, and hide the vinyl under it. Could be as simple as aluminum angle stock, or as complex as hardwood inserts.

HAve fun,
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Hmm, if you did the vinyl first, you could use a veneer saw and then fine grit sanding block to trim it flush with the front - then apply masking and repaint the front. Just a thought. Not sure how stiff that material is, haven't used it before.
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