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Vizio vht-510 DTS issues

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Hello all, I have been at this for almost an hour now and cannot figure out why my vht-510 won't recognize DTS audio. I know for a fact that the movie that I am trying it with has DTS capabilities. I have made sure both the blu-ray player and tv have dts enabled. My cable setup is as follows: an hdmi cable running from the sony 3d blu-ray player to the back of my vizio xvt3d554sv, then a digitial optical cable from the port on the vizio tv to the vht-510. Ideally, I want to run the optical cable directly from the blu-ray player to the vht-510 but sadly the blu-ray player does not have a digitial optical port on it. My question is how in the world can I get the vht-510 to pick up DTS? My idea, which i am not sure will work, was to get a digital optical to coaxial splitter that will allow me to run the digital optical out port on the vht-510 and use the splitter to use the coaxial port on my blu-ray player.
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Most likely your TV cannot process DTS. The BD player knows this and downmixes to stereo output. You'll need one of these converters to go from coax out from the BDP to Toslink in on the VHT-510. You'll still use HDMI from BDP to TV for video and you'll need to adjust audio out settings on the BDP so it sends audio via coax, not HDMI.
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The VHT510 only supports DTS 2.0, most sources are 5.1/6.1/7.1 so its probably not able to process it.
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Originally Posted by Tuan View Post

The VHT510 only supports DTS 2.0, most sources are 5.1/6.1/7.1 so its probably not able to process it.

DTS 2.0 means that the VHT510 can downmix the multichannel surround sound to stereo when necessary. It is additional to the capability of original DTS that provides the surround sound.

The cause of the issue is that, due to DRM restriction, TV is not allowed to output the original DTS audio stream from the sources other than TV signal to VHT510 via any TV's terminals (e.g. HDMI or optical). Your TV has to downmix the DVD audio to stereo before it passes the audio to VHT510. So in your case a converter suggested by Possumgirl is the only way to go.
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Found this thread and want to correct some info. The VHT510 supports Dolby / SRS 5.1 as well as DTS 5.1 decoding, the logo with DTS 2.0 in the manual that comes with it was a printing error.

None of the Vizio TVs up to today 2/26/2013 are able to process DTS in any form so you can't play a file like and MKV or a BlueRay movie and get full DTS 5.1 or even 2.0, the BluRay will changed or play the output for your TV from a Dolby, SRS, AC3, MP3 etc. If your BluRay or any source with at least DTS audio pass is connected to the VHT510 it will decode the signal and output up to 5.1.
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Please see this review with DTS 5.1 decoding at BigPictureSound.

"The first movie we put on was Disney's Tangled on Blu-ray 3D Disc, and the soundbar had no trouble decoding the disc's core legacy DTS 5.1 sound embedded in the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. In an early chase scene where Flynn escapes from the king's soldiers (and their persistent horse Maximus who apparently thinks he is a dog), the sounds of pursuit envelop us with arrows whizzing by our heads and galloping hoofbeats approaching from behind. Music swells during climactic moments and lyrics of the many musical numbers are always clear and intelligible.

Next up was Avatar, also on Blu-ray 3D (Panasonic promo disc), and the final battle for Pandora filled the room with the sounds of the planet's natives (humanoid and otherwise) fending off a violent attack from the invading humans with their advanced technology. From the flapping of the dragon-like Banshee's wings, to the whoosh and explosion of missile fire, to the thunderous stampede of the rhino-like hammerhead Titanotheres, the VHT510 creates the illusion of being in the thick of it in a desperate battle for survival."
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