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New House Home Theater Layout

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I am looking to move into a new house which has a room which is 12'6" x 18' and I would like to turn this into my new home theater room. While the overall size is good, I have some issues with the door placements that is making it difficult for me to decide how to lay out the room.

While I would like to put the screen on one of the shorter 12'6" walls, both walls have issues. One has a slider on it which leads into the backyard. I don't want to take it out, but was planning on covering it with a heavy curtain. The opposite 12'6 wall has a pocket door leading into the room. If I was to put the screen on this wall, the screen would have to be considerably smaller and likely off center. I've thought perhaps of using a drop-down screen, but who wants to walk into a screen if you walk into the room from a pocket door? I could try a drop down screen from the slider side, but there wouldn't be room to put a center speaker in easily without having a huge speaker blocking the slider. I was hoping to open the curtains when I wasn't in the room to lighten it up also, so don't really want to do anymore then block the slider besides curtains.

That leaves the long walls. Yes, I know you are probably thinking why not just move the door to one of the long walls? Well I would, but opposite one of the walls is the living room, and my wife refuses to allow me to put a door into the room from the living room! The other wall isn't usable as the other side is outside the house.

So I have thought of putting the screen on one of the long walls. I could get a nice sized screen, but there would be an issue with throw distance for the projector and the seating would be less then 12' away. So I would likely be stuck with a smaller screen.


I am running out of ideas. Anyone have a creative solution? Is there something I am not considering?

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Attached is the layout.
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another wife or a false wall in front of the sliders.
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Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC View Post

another wife or a false wall in front of the sliders.

I'm no expert in this dept, but I've been told that a false wall is cheaper than the other option Big mentioned...
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Big, when you say "another wife" do you mean in addition to?
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If I was going to make a false wall in front of the slider, then just better to get rid of the slider, no? I like the idea of "adding" a wife, but not sure I could get away with that
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Better to have a hinged door rather than slider.
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I'm going to request the slider is changed to windows. I can always go right over the windows with the screen. There is no way I would use the sliders anyway once I converted the room, so this would work great. Next to play with the seating and speaker layout. Thanks for your help!
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when you talk to the builder about the change, have him put the header up high right on the top plate, and wide (ie, 65" for a 62" ro for 60" double door/slider). the smaller window opening can be framed beneath that header and the ability to put in the walkout door later will be preserved (if u sell/etc, you can note the option for walkow, means a lot to some people)
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