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What to look for in an HDTV

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I'm looking for a TV, primarily for watching movies (blu-ray or via laptop/PC). I'm thinking of a 32" but I'm looking up to 40" as well. I am mainly concerned with the picture quality of movies. I like the 24 fps "film look" and don't care as much about sports. So I'm leaning toward a 60Hz display just to avoid the interpolated frames and extra processing from a 120Hz set.

I may also use this for an Xbox 360 and for cable TV but those are secondary concerns. I don't care for 3D, and Internet connectivity isn't necessary.

As for picture quality, I'm trying to find something with really good black levels and a wide viewing angle (but I think I still want an LCD over a plasma).

So mostly, I'm wondering where to start looking. I've found out a little about the IPS displays by both Panasonic and LG and I'm thinking that those may be what I'm looking for. Would that be a good idea based on my requirements? Are there any other things to look for, or specific models you can suggest that would be good or ones to avoid? My budget isn't too strict, closer to $500, but I could look as high as $1000.

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Check out the panasonic e50 or E5 series. $729 & $679 (amazon 42")

It probably will not have the best blacks, but unless your super picky you will be fine. Also it still has a thin bezel unlike the samsungs lower end.

It should have good input lag and might even be lower then the there top of the line tv's because generally lower end tv's work better since they have less functions.

Lg might have some good tv's as well. I am just a fan of panasonics quality.
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I wouldn't say I'm super picky, I just want something that looks good and can get pretty black. Seeing really gray TVs when watching something that is supposed to be black kind of bugs me. I don't care as much about the thin bezel but I suppose it's nice to have.

I probably forgot to mention that I'd like at least 3 HDMI ports, and I see that these have 4 so that's good.

It looks like the e50/e5 only differ in some "smart" features and "360 Backlight Scanning". What is the "360 Backlight Scanning"? Is it worth the extra $50?
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