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HDHomeRun Prime + Comcast = SUCCESS!!!

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Thought I'd pass on the good news, I'm watching Tennis Channel HD on my Mac Pro, streaming in HD from a HDHomeRun Prime. Using a combination of their HDHomerun Config, VLC, and some time to get it happy - it works flawlessly.

Comcast does not mark anything with the nasty bits preventing use or transfer of the video feed! While I hate the image quality compared to FIOS, the use of the video is comcastic. I don't believe I just said that.

While my house is mostly run with WindowsMedia Center and XBOX 360's, its great to be able to bring up a video feed in my office, without firing up the Windows 7 HTPC.
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I actually use light weight Windows 7 virtual machines using VMware Fusion on my 15" MBP and 27" iMac. The WAF is very high compared to VLC. Obviously, VLC has better deinterlacing and is lighter weight. Too bad we can just select the cable card channel list and tune in the config tool. Can we???
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I just loaded a new Mac Mini with VMWare running Win7. The Mac HDHomeRun software sees the HomeRun tuner no problem. However when I load Windows HDHomeRun on the Win7 VM, it can't find the Tuner. What trick am I missing?

I'm really just looking to use Windows Media Center as my media server along with either XBMC or Plex on the MAC client side.

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Actually, I figured it out with help from SiliconDust tech support..... You have to configure the network as "Bridged" (vs. NAT). I configured the Tuner, then Windows Media Center, now I have this thing working perfectly on my Mac Mini using VMWare. Cool !

Now for the next step..... can you marry Media Center to Plex or XMBC? Anybody doing that?
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Originally Posted by Halfmoon View Post

Now for the next step..... can you marry Media Center to Plex or XMBC? Anybody doing that?
I have had some success with that. My main server is a Windows 7 Media Center box also running Plex Media Server (PMS). I use WTV-MetaRenamer which I have set up to kick off every 30 mins or so and it looks in my WMC Recorded TV folder and moves my .wtv files to series/season folders (you don't have to move them) and renames them to a naming convention that PMS is willing to work with. Then, you can use a Plex client (or XBMC with the PleXBMC plug-in) to see all of your shows and their metadata.

For pseudo-live TV I've played around with the following: Using the Ceton My Media Center iOS EPG app (it doesn't require a Ceton tuner, I have an HDHomeRun Prime) I can view my guide and set up recordings of things in-progress. With XBMC Eden (running on a different machine) I can see those shows appear right away (no metadata - just the filename as .wtv names them) and watch them, while they're still being recorded. If you try to fast forward to the end, it will kick you out to the previous XBMC menu, as it thinks you hit the end of the show. A couple of problems:
1) This only works in XBMC Eden. With XBMC Frodo (or the Plex client), you can start watching an in-progress recording, but if the only amount of time that had been recorded was, say, 5 minutes at the time you start watching it, the progress bar in the player will show 5 minutes, and it won't keep it updated/accurate. So after 5 minutes, if you haven't fast-forwarded or anything, there will actually now be 10 minutes worth of recording in the file, but XBMC thinks the show ended at 5 minutes, and it will kick you out to the XBMC menu.
2) For whatever reason, if I try to run XBMC Eden on the same machine as WMC, I can't successfully watch (at all) a show that WMC is in the progress of recording.

Because of the above, I've temporarily given up on my dream of pseudo-live TV on an XBMC or Plex client, but if the above issues get fixed in Frodo I might try again. My new thought, though, is to play around with a different PVR back-end software (like MythTV). Like you, I have Comcast and I don't subscribe to any pay channels like HBO, so my channels are all copy-freely. There are several PVR back-ends that support the HDHomeRun Prime w/cablecards, so I may try one of these out. Then, you can use XBMC Frodo which has PVR functionality now. There are also some guys who have gotten the PVR functionality exposed in the Plex client apps for Windows/Mac/Linux.

Something tells me that most of these PVR back-ends programs are not as robust as WMC, though, so I'm still mulling over whether to waste my time on all of that.
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Don't count on Comcast keeping your currently copy freely marked channels/content that way. What they do in one market one day is not what they are doing in that or someother market tomorrow. There is a whole bunch of channels in the Houston market that are copy protected that one can only wonder why they would bother. So any strategy built around uncopyprotected content is very short term thinking. Last summer they went all digital and copy protected silly stuff like HLN.. Virtually everything on the Preferred Tier here is copy protected. So plan to deal with copy protection on your Comcast cable content because you will see it sooner or later. It may not even be a coporate decision in your market just some knucklehead with fat finger makes a booboo and all your content is locked down forever.
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With the HDHomeRun Prime DNLA beta firmware (aka Project Connect) you can watch live TV on your Mac with XBMC 12.X. Once your firmware is updated on your HDHomeRun, you just add the HDHomeRun as a DNLA device in XBMC. No back-end server required, but you are limited to live TV without a EPG. There are XBMC add-ins for an EPG but I haven't tried them out yet. I tried VLC, but I couldn't get a simple channel list. Check out the XBMC forum for more info: http://www.silicondust.com/forum2/viewforum.php?f=47
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