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Share Android TV Box information

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Do you know Android TV Box?

1. If you know what is an Android Tablet PC, it is easier to explain to you. The difference from an Android Tablet PC is that Android TV Box doesn't have a touch screen, but it has more interfaces such as LAN(RJ45) port, HDMI port for TV, CVBS or YPbPr for TV. Android Tablet PC uses the touch screen as input and display, but Android TV Box uses your TV as display, mouse or keyboard to input.
2. If you don't know what an Android Tablet PC is, you can consider Android TV Box as an important accessory for you TV to convert your TV to be a smart one, you can use it to browse the internet, check your email, share your photo, video chat and also watch online TV programs and videos, you can also make a good presentation with your big TV. An Android TV Box = HD media player + digital photo frame + game console + Internet Set-top box +

Attachment 246929

Android 4.0 is the lastest version of Android from Google. You can search online what the User Interface is for Android 4.0

Attachment 246931

Here is one of the most popular Android TV box that we are going to introduce, it comes with a powerful CPU called Amlogic 8726M3, here are the features of this Android TV box:

Main features:
CPU:Cortex A9 CPU 1GHz
Storage: NAND Flash 4GB ( You can also buy a 32GB SD card if you need more memory)
-Built in Wi-Fi module for Internet access
-Integrated Mali-400 GPU(3D Acceleration Engine)
-Video formats: MPEG-4, H.264,VC-1 at 1080P
-Audio formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAVE.

Interfaces -
You can use either HDMI to output both video and audio to TV or YPbPr+Audio to output to TV.

-1 x RJ45 interface for Ethernet LAN cable
-3 x USB 2.0 High speed, they are for mouse, keyboard, or hard drive.
-1 x SD/MMC/MS memory card slot
-HDMI (720P&1080P)connected to HDTV
-CVBS output
-Audio: L/R stereo analog audio output, Optical for audio source output.
-1 power jack, 5v.

Applications -
-Weather, calendar, desk top clock widgets etc.
-Online & local playback of video, music and pictures
-HD multimedia player, Music player, Photo Frame,
-3D Games, internet games and other family entertainment
- Plenty of Android applications from Market

Product dimension:-
16(L)*12(W)x 3.8(H) cm

Attachment 246933

Standard Accessories:
Power adaptor, AV cable
Color box, User manual,

Optional accessories:
These 2.4GHz accessories with a USB dongle are universal, but the IR remote control which talks to the Android TV box by Infrared is customized only for this box, this IR remote control is a standard accessory in packing.

Attachment 2469342.4GHz Wireless mini keyboard with touch pad

Attachment 2469352.4GHz fly air mouse+keyboard

If you have any others issue and comment,Pls me know.
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sounds like it is the same crap as this

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Yup there are tons of those clones running Amlogic 8726 chipsets with Geniatechs builds of Android for that chipset.

One thing to know about them is that 512MB of RAM isn't enough for Android 4 which is what these players come with so it runs slower, they were built for Android 2.x. The next generation Amlogix 8726MX series are the chipsets intended for Android 4.
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There is New Android TV BOX firmware Released by BlueTimes china factory. After upgraded this firmware,It will be easily upgraded up to android 4.0 os later.
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Pivos has an Android box coming out as well, the Xios DS. Upgradeable to 4.0 later also...NewEgg says it can be upgraded now which is incorrect.
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I have got new android 4.0 OS from Bluetimes,UI is very friendly and human.Speed is faster than android 2.x.

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thanks for share
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Originally Posted by Alex Dou View Post

thanks for share

You work for them. Say that. Then you won't come off as sketchy and people won't denounce your product so quickly.
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