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I know this has threads aleady posted, but i couldn't find anything very recent. Does anyone know how to get a reliable live update sports ticker working in their home?
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You looking for the data, or a ticker solution? Be prepared for sticker shock... The sports data feed biz is expensive, as the obvious use is in commerical / gambling settings. I don't think there's anything out there priced for home use ('cause how could they enforce it?)...


As for the data, I've looked, but didn't find a free data source. There are ones available for a fee - but that's just the data. Feeding the display ticker is an exercise left to the reader.

livescorefeed.com is one provider. I didn't call any of them for pricing - it appears to be way more expensive that I was willing to pay for in-home usage... Search for "livescore" and you'll get a bunch of sources.

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jautor, thanks for the info. I'm kind of surprised that it's so expensive. I found some displays on ebay for a reasonable price, but i don't know how to get the live feed to them.
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Originally Posted by grindstaff3 View Post

I'm kind of surprised that it's so expensive.

I was too, but thinking about how important the data is for a sports bar / sports betting / casino environment, I understand how it's "worth" hundreds-per-month...

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I just found this posting, but if you are interested, we offer a real-time sports ticker feed with a 6-ft display (or a 4-ft display) for home use for $150/Month. The service is called iCandy and is the same service the Sports and Race Books in Vegas use on their Tickers.

I do appreciate it's beyond the means of most home users, but the service is $150 (with a display capable of showing the same format as you see in Vegas) which is less than the hundreds-per-month figure quoted. Likewise, our scores update in realtime unlike every 15-minutes to an hour the lower cost feeds provide.

If interested, please contact me for more information:
Steve Weiss
516.536.1759 x138
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So singular hundreds, not plural... biggrin.gif

Thanks for the info! If there was any way you could create a model for home use, where there was a "per-hour" fee or "hours per month" limit to make it more affordable for us home users, I think you'd get a lot of takers. I'd be willing to fork out some bucks for a display during my poker nights and any time I had folks over for a sporting event. But since the display would be off 90% of the month, paying for a full time feed is not something I'd be willing to do.

Also, what's the pricing look like for the basic iCandy with the minutes-delayed sports ticker? For my purposes, a few minutes behind live wouldn't be a big deal - but having the live ticker would be really cool...

And can you give us some ballpark (ha!) MSRP pricing on displays that would be suitable for home use?

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