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500$ to spend on subs

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Ive got roughly $500 (+ or - 100$) to spend on subs. im leaning towards two 15 titanics or 4 of the dayton HO 12s. Im rubbish at WINISD though . anyone care to punch in those HOs vs titanics? I know optimum box sizes for the titanic is roughly 10 cubic ft and for the HO is roughly 1.4 cubic ft. what happens when you put the HOs in a 2.4 cubic ft box? id like them tuned for a flat response or even a slight peak right at 20 - 25 hrtz. also im planning on ported enclosures.

im looking for good lows all the way down into the 25 or lower range i cant stand when subs run out of OMPH way low. i also have heard 15s run out of steam above 40 hrtz. i also dont want this issue, id like it to be able to be used clear up to 80 hrtz where my mains take over.

At high volumes i listen to music the most then game then watch movies.
prolly a 75% music 20% games 5% movies

any other suggestions for sub drivers? i have roughly 20 cubic ft of "box space" (will match the hight and width of a shelf on the other wide of the tv. depth i can fudge gotta keep the wife happy)

im currently running a pioneer vsk 1121 and have a cerwin vega cx8 (i think thats the model) on its way.

sorry about the poor english and wall of text, math was always a better subject for me.
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how much do you have for amp and e.q.? is the $500 a total number?
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eq would be done through the reciever ATM. until i could grab an outboard LFE eq if that even exists lol.

amp is already on its way. and not included in this "budget" (budgets on audio are made to be broken im 4x my original budget into my truck LOL) however id like to keep this budget close. So no LMS ultras for me

5 hundy give or take is just for drivers not counting MDF, screws, finishing and all that jazz.
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What amp is it?
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cerwin vega cxa-8
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That amp claims stereo 2 ohm stable @ 900 watts per channel, so how about a pair of DVC 15's wired down to 2ohm in 10ft3 tuned to 20hz for each sub. You would need a pair of 6" x 33.5" long ports for each dual sub cab (each woofer basically needs 5ft3 and a 6"x33.5" port). If you dont have any dimensions long enough for those ports, you can do a slot port (2.5"x24"x33.5") which you can bend around corners. Dont forget to place a 20hz high pass filter in line to protect the drivers from ULF.

If you really want a peak down there, dropping the port length to 6"x20" will give you a 25hz tune and a 1.5db peak at 35hz.
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those drivers look like a great value. . . could save quite a bit of cash with those. *gears turning* i tried one of those Fmods for use as a LPF @ 80 hrtz (so i could basically use any source to mess around with subs) and i was really unhappy with how much output it zapped away. im not sure if i got a defective pair but i lost probably close to 40 DB with that inline. do those work better as HPFs? or do you think i got a defective pair?
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Did you put an 80hz LPF in line with your subs, or your speakers? I honestly dont know how well they work, but if you cant use them then you will need an active HPF if you want to run any ported sub with that much power. They just look like a really cheap easy solution if they work.


Also doubles as a full on EQ.

Just wanted to make sure you were clear about the above sub I modeled, that was 2 15" woofers in 1 cabinet, so if you wanted 2 subs you would need 4 woofers = $520
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i almost pulled the trigger on 2 sundown 8s for my truck, darn you singlecab, but instead I bought 2 tc sounds epic 8s. might have to dig a little deeper into sundowns product line. ive also consider'd smashing my budget and going for 1 RE XXX 18 but my i havn't been able to find out if theyre fast enough for say death metal or if they will just flub-ba-bub double bass. Im leaning towards theyre prolly sloooow.
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Go for a Zv3 18" then, my favorite driver of all time.
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TC sounds axis 15 has specs that beg for it to be in a T line. . . . .

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could anyone model a dayton HO12 (the one on sale) in a 2 cubic ft enclosure tuned to 25 hrtz or so? winisd doesnt like me at all lol.
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You'll need something like a 1.5"H x 12"W x 41"L slot. If you build a 13.5"W x 20"H x 20"D box, you would build the port 17.75" back from the front panel opening, up the back wall 14.75", and then toward the front 8".

That leaves you with 2.5ft3, so you can add bracing
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given your goals, i'd just forget about the very bottom end and build a killer music system that can handle just enough bass to give you some rumble for movies.

here is the driver that you asked for, 2 of them actually, in a 4 cubic foot ported enclosure tuned to 25hz. red.

the gray line is an 18 sounds 18lw2400 driver...a really high quality 18" pro audio driver that goes for about $330 street...in an 8 cubic foot enclosure tuned to 28hz. it is more than 6db sensitive watt per watt and is designed for clean high power applications.

it will probably hold together better once you start turning the volume all the way up because of its strong motor, lightweight cone, and excellent cooling design.

i wouldn't suggest this for 95% of folks who wonder through here, but you are only at 5% movies and you want your music loud.
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I own 2 of the HOs and if I were to do it again, I would get the Dayton HF 15 or HF 12. Personally, I would go with at least 2 subs if you ever plan on watching movies.
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YAR that looks great.

I have contemplated an RCF 21 tossed into a Tline box also.


that would probably be crazy loud
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no question the lf21n451 is a good one, however it probably wouldn't do much for you.

here it is added in the same cab as the 18 sounds driver. the big benefit of the 21 is that it can take more power and has more xmax, but you would need to upgrade your amp in order to get the most out of it.

your amp and a pair of the 18 sounds drivers in the right enclosure will blow you out of your house (130db+) for everything but the sub 25hz movie bass.
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those pro audio drivers look like the ticket after i thought about it for a few days. While i do enjoy silly test tones as long as those 18s can hit whatever, say, dubstep can toss at them (some of those drops are pretty low how low im not sure) then a few PA drivers would be gravy. any suggestions as far as drivers available from parts express? ive used them quite a bit and I trust them. I also have a thing for eminence run all eminence in my guitar and bass cabs.

2 of these would be gravy

or bust the budget and get 2 of these

but this EV looks mmmmmmm nice.
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fuuuu what about some of the budget infinity subs? gosh danget so many choices, not good for the most unsure person in there world.

infinity kappas @ amazon. . .

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forget those budget subs. that is not what you are looking for.

in 8 cubic foot ported enclosures tuned to 28hz, the driver will be excursion limited at 40hz.

the eminence omega pro gives 113db $199
the eminence sigma pro gives 115db $170
the b&c 18 ps76 gives 117db $217
the 18sound 18lw2400 gives 120db $330

doubling the number of drivers gives +3db.
so if you buy two sigma pros, you will get up to 118db for $340.
doubling again from two to four sigma pros will get up to 121db for $680.

in this case, the most expensive driver is actually the best value as measured by spl/$.

if you must go with parts express, the b&c ps76 is the next best value.
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Best bang for the buck in 18 pro drivers is the Peavey Low Rider.
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"Best bang for the buck in 18 pro drivers is the Peavey Low Rider."


the black widow p.o.s. threw me off. the low rider is a great value.

120db for $214.
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Originally Posted by LTD02 View Post

forget those budget subs. that is not what you are looking for.

in 8 cubic foot ported enclosures tuned to 28hz, the driver will be excursion limited at 40hz.

the eminence omega pro gives 113db $199
the eminence sigma pro gives 115db $170
the b&c 18 ps76 gives 117db $217
the 18sound 18lw2400 gives 120db $330

At what frequency?
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that lowrider looks like the bees knees how did i miss that one? good find Wi. Its not like i cant add another amp and more subs later if i want 30 htz and down (like a XXX) drool. THAT looks like the ticket, AND underbudget. a first for me for sure. =P
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"that lowrider looks like the bees knees how did i miss that one?"

probably the same way that i did. :-)

at 40hz jin.
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