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DTS or Dolby, other HTPC questions.

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So I've hooked up my Denon 1712 receiver to my PC Via HDMI to my NVIDIA card. I've run Audessy, but for some reason, the little Audessy light has gone off; I will re-calibrate it again later. I have a 5.1 setup. F/R, C, RR / RL.

This is mainly for gaming, though I do watch some movies and listen to music on it.

With this, for surround options, I get Multi Ch In, which doesn't sound that good. Things seem washed out, distant, and muddy.

I also get Dolby Pro Logic II, which sounds really great, though it feels like some detail is lost, but is heavy on the bass, even if I turn it down alot.

While playing some content, I can get Dolby Digital playback, some makes the DTS light appear.


I also have a Creative X-Fi Titanium Professional Soundcard, hooked up via TOSLINK.

If I switch over to this;

I can access alot more:

Dolby Digital Live
Dolby PLIIx
Dolby Digital EX
DTS Surround
DTS: Neo6

I can actually manually put these modes on and use them while in-game, while over the NVIDIA HDM.

They all sound rather similar and better than Multi Chann In. However, I listened to music on both.

On the HDMI over my NVIDIA card, it sounds crystal clear, the highs are chilling, and certain things are quite nice. However, I have to select Stereo in my configuration on Windows to get proper multi-channel support. I also have to run a fix on these forums I found. It appears to be a NVIDIA issue from what I've read.

On the Sound card, which is a dedicated freaking device...highs are distorted. Though lows seem more detailed and mids are about normal. Bass is also pretty absurd on this, even though I have it on like 10 o clock, 120hz, and -8dB

Probably my location. Small room. But...with my Sound card, I get alot of formats I don't get over HDMI to my Sound card...though my Receiver supports said formats...


Surround Processing
Dolby Digital DD, EX, TrueHD, DD+
DTS DTS, ES, HD, HDMA, Neo6, 96/24


A big issue is also getting the GUI to work. I have it output to my Monitor.

I ahd it working earlier...I don't know how, I was messing with settings, but it's not working any more. It's alot easier to use the on screen gui to change settings and calibrate...be nice if someone could explain to me this, I'm sure it has to do with inputs.

And oddly enough, my Denon 1312 remote seems to be -required- to operate it. My Denon 1712 remote doesn't work most of the time. Not sure how to fix that.

*Weird, the GUI just started working again for no Reason...must be due to my DVI to HDMi setup, as my monitor is HDMI. Wish I could figure out how to get it to work every time. All I can see to select is Pro Logic II Gaming or Cinema...
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Multichannel PCM out from your Nvidia card is the correct choice. Everything else is just transcoding that same signal to a lossy, lagging bitstream. The sound differences, if they actually exist, are likely to be on the receiver side. For example. You may have PL II Movie running on your dts input, but not on your multichannel input.

Get Audyessey working, that is a huge thing. Also, look in to proper placement of your sub if sub audio is wildly varying.
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There is no real place I can move my sub to.

I'd like to, of course, but this is my PC room. This is the best spot I could find for it...if that tells you anything.

And yeah, Audessy is just a huge paion, I don't have a boom pick and those things are expensive to get one @ about 6 or so feet, I'd have to spend 30-40$, on something I'd never use again.

And Multi Channel IN is what it says...but it sounds so bad! Everything sounds better on Pro Logic II.

I was just following what this post here said:

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Dude, nobody needs to see that picture. I'm trying to eat lunch here.

For Audyessey, get a tripod. They are like $12 on Amazon for a modest Sunpak one. Cheaping out $12 on a tripod to make your $400 receiver and $xxx dollar speakers and sub sound significantly better is poor math.

If PLII sounds "better", then layer PLII on top of your 8 channel PCM. I have to question whether "better" is just "more wrong" though. Go in to your sound properties in Windows. Play the test tones. Do the channels come out the right speakers?
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Oh, and get rid of that picture or my help is done.
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Yes, they come out of the right speakers. With pro Logic, music plays at the right level and the bass is more subdued, voices blend properly with the surroundings and it becomes harder to detect which speaker it's coming out of. More natural, I guess, but we'll see once I do a proper Audessy setup. Audessy previously set my Sats to 150 for the Center, & Front Left / Right and 200 for the Rear R / L.

As for the mic stand, where is this 12$ one?

I can only find 26$ at the cheapest.

Hmm, maybe this for 15$?


52 inches height...hmm.
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Yup, that's the exact tripod I purchased. Works great for Audyssey setup.

150-200hz sounds about right for little 3" drivers. Are your speakers something bigger?
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What picture is making you sick? My screengrab??? What, you don't like Windows or Nvidia or Marantz?

Tiny speakers sound "tinny" and need an excessively high crossover. That results in medium-low frequency sounds coming from the direction of your sub instead of from all around you. It's just physics. Larger speaker drivers (maybe 5" or bigger) are needed to get reasonable low frequency response. With a crossover of about 80 Hz or lower you can't tell where the sound is coming from.
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Boom stands don't have to cost a lot, I got this one for $19.99. It's only a few bucks more now.

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Yeah, they are the Energy RC Micro. I ordered the Take Classic, but they sent me these instead.

I was worried; since they are smaller...


From batpig (Who seems to know a thing or two)


"RC-Micro are smaller, with higher build quality and better drivers. They will have a more "refined" sound. The sub is a little better also. Whether it is "worth it" is strictly up to you and how critical you are in your bedroom listening. If you can afford the extra and are seeking the maximum sound quality from the smallest possible package, the RC-Micro will be great. If you aren't super critical and will only be doing casual, moderate volume listening, the Take Classic will probably be fine."

Question also, my Right & Left Surrounds keep being detected as "Out of Phase" I checked the wiring...I'm using 16 Gauge, what gives?
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Well they are right. Multich in is what you want to be using. It's the purest form out audio coming from a pc basically for normal stuff. If it sounds funny or off something is altering it somewhere in the chain. First thing I'd check is some stupid windows theme for audio. Then I'd check nvid to see if was applying something. Then I'd check receiver. Rerun Audyssey.

Out of phase can is usually caused by not having + wires both the same on back of receiver and back of speaker when you plug in wire. Recheck them. If it really is out of phase then its gonna sound crazy. I can send you an audio file to test it if you'd like. So you can listen and hear for yourself if its truely out of phase.
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I have them positive & negative matched, don't worry, there is a marking.

Black always get blue, because you know, black and blue go well together, and The one with no mark gets red. I've followed this for all of my setup. I went and rechecked.


About the sound clip, yeah, I'd like it, and instructions on what to listen for and know how it's out of phase. Also I really need to something about the sub.

I've already turned the Volume panel to 1/4th on the Sub itself, and have -12dB on the Receiver and -6dB bass on the tone control.

It's just so LOUD! Almost enough for me to just not use it. Playing a medieval game and just slashing guys is making it go "BOOM BOOM BOOM" so much the room vibrates and you could hear it outside, kind of like those cars that drive by thumping.

The stand should arrive Wednesday.
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