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Sony HT-CT150 and Apple TV audio?

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I finally got tired of my two year old Sony receiver and home theater speaker package (garbage) due to various sound channels cutting out, and downsized to the Sony HT-CT150 soundbar. It's just easier in our small den - no worries about speaker placement, or mounting them on the wall, and no wires to hide.

I've got a Sony Bravia HDTV connected, along with a BlueRay device, and a DirecTV box. I've successfully connected my Apple TV to the DVD HDMI port, but there's no extra optical port for the Apple TV audio. The existing two optical ports are taken up by the TV and the DirecTV box. What should I be doing here? Should I be plugging into another device and using it as a pass-through?

Not sure how to do this.

P.S. I haven't done the Bravia Sync yet, but hope to make that happen, so that I don't have to grab the Sony TV remote and switch the input to play Apple TV.
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Doesn't the Apple TV output audio over HDMI? I've never had one so perhaps I don't understand the problem. In fact, it sounds as though you've connected your sat box and BD player to the TV rather than directly to the CT150? If you connect everything to the soundbar you wouldn't need optical cables at all unless you use internet apps on the TV and it doesn't support ARC.
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The Apple TV is connected to the CT150 directly via an HDMI cable - not directly to the TV. I thought I'd be able to get audio from the single cable as well, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe someone else out there knows the answer?
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Aha! As a last resort, I replace the HDMI cable with a new one and ... works like a charm. Sometimes, it's just the simple answer.
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Hi Chapps,

I'm considering picking up Sony's HT-CT150 and appreciate your input before I do...

I'd like to do what I think you've described:

AppleTV and DVR via their respective HDMI cables to the HT-CT150 (to handle audio) then one HDMI cable from the HT-CT150 to my Sony HDTV carrying video. I may have to juggle DVR, HT-CT150 and TV remotes (plus my iPhone to manage AppleTV).

From your experience, this should work, yea?

Thank you for your time!

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