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I have been experiencing problems when applying custom resolution on both Nvidia Control Panel and Powerstrip. My current 1080p digital projector is having problems with the color wheel failing, so I took refuge on my older Sharp XV-Z9000U. The projector won't accept the 720p output from the computer, but I can send it as a 1280x1024 if I want 720p widescreen. I tried to apply custom resolution the same way I had with my older computers, by using a "resolution within a resolution" with powerstrip for VGA, but that does not work with my new computer very well. Since I am connected to a VGA out, GPU scaling won't work on Nvidia, nor does overscan on Nvidia. Powerstrip is a trial and error process, even I if "could" get it right, my games have a problem cooperating with it. My current set up uses a Nvidia GTX 285, and I have done this with older, vga only computers that swam well with it. I am running out of options.