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vsx-52tv elite

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i have a vsx-52tx elite with no hdmi outputs but the receiver works good.
Should i change it for another one with hdmi will new receiver be better then the old one.
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What sources and display do you have and how are they currently hooked up? Is there anything about your current setup in particular that you would like to improve?
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getting a 65vt50 and a hd sat with the 52tx i have to go to the tv with the video and then to the 52tx for the audio because it don't have any hdmi.
don;t know if that will take away for the sound quaity.also i need 2 zone becasuse i have to speakers in my bedroom. I think i want to know if i buy a vsx-60 will it better then the 52tx in sound because it has hdmi or going with the 52tx with just audo be just has good.
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Upgrading from your old receiver to a new one will give you HDMI, which will allow you to pass through the new lossless audio soundtracks (Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio) from your Blu-ray player.

Using any other form of digital cables will not give you that lossless sound (which is phenomenal, btw). The only other way you can get Lossless audio from your Blu-ray player to your AVR is if BOTH the blu-ray player AND your AVR have 6 channel analog audio out (mine did from about 7-8 years ago, so there's hope), but the downside is, of course, once connected properly, you will have a rat's nest of cables behind your gear.
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Thanks for the input I just going to have to buy another one

Out to look for one today.
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