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Again, great job with these. Makes me contemplate a similar build myself sometime. For me, dabbling in subs is one thing. But a nice, well executed main such as you've pulled off here is very, very cool. I'd like to read more comments from you on their various characteristics and capabilities.

I want to take a moment to post I can appreciate the normal, vertical manner in which you're orienting your center channel. Seems all too often I see individuals orient their CC driver elements in the horizontal plane un-necessarily. It's one thing if that's the only avenue available, wrt height restrictions etc. But doing so without those restrictions seems ill advised.

I know in my room, a horizontal, horn based two way does exhibit inconsistencies that aren't there when placed vertically. We've all seen the measured reasons, but when it's audible at the LP, that's what is important. Man, I really dig that clean, no fastener appearance of the LF driver area of the baffle.

Thanks for sharing...

I've performed the
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seems to have covered your butt joins well
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Very nice looking cabs, the finish is identical to mine

I built the standard ewaves and am now considering modifying my wall opening to add toe-in
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front stage rebuild will begin soon.. hopefully that will be enough toe in
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Hi jayhawk
How wud you compare them to the stentorians and same question as how have you hooked them up.
Nice build
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mostly finished the rebuild on the front of the theater, speakers all nestled in their places...

here's the quick and dirty:

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Wow, very nice work! You built very nice looking speakers and then covered them up... cool.gif
How do you like the sound now that they're in their final places?
How do they compare to the Stens?
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they seem to have more range (downward) than the stentorians do--maybe better dispersion, they sound more even across the listening area. I guess that's what you get with horns though eh? I didn't give the stentorians too long, as I'd already made the decision to move the speakers behind the screen and they wouldnt fit.

So if anyone in the orlando area wants some stentorians (x3) on the cheap--let me know smile.gif
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