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Need advice: HD cam for music venue

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I work for a mid sized music venue. We have a few HD TVs at the bars in the building and we want to send video from the main stage to them. We dont have a large budget to work with. We tried a HD camcorder and HDMI splitter, but the camera would go into sleep mode after a few mins unless we hit record. And yes, I read the manual to see if I could get around it. I cant.
We're legally not allowed to record a lot of the artists that play the venue, so we can't have our TVs displaying "REC" while the band is playing

Can anyone recommend a camcorder that either won't go into sleep mode, or a camcorder that doesn't display "REC" on the TV screen? Is there another/better solution? I looked into security cameras, but they all looked too grainy. We're looking to spends less than $500.

Thank you so much for any advice!
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Sony camcorders usually require AC power connection and a menu setting to turn off sleep mode. Sony camcorders that record to cassette require no cassette in the deck, plus AC power. I can't guarantee that to specific new models, but that has been my consistent experience with Sony products. The info display through the video output is selectable in the menus too.
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bt - I would get an $80 tripod-mountable 1080p webcam and pipe it into my computer. With $40 Cyberlink YouCam software, you can use your webcam for full screen monitoring (up to 7% off if you get it at TigerDirect through BigCrumbs).

If your computer has HDMI out, you're in business. If not, I would get a $40 VGA to HDMI converter.

The whole setup should cost you less than $200, if you already have the computer and HDMI splitter.

Hope this is helpful - please let us know how it turns out!

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