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Screen Choice Help for Epson 5010 on a budget

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I was debating on going between an epson 3010 and a 5010 and decided to go with the 5010.

I am thinking it would be easier to upgrade my screen at a later time than the projecter. If I'm just plain wrong please let me know.

So in going with the bigger projector I am moving some of my screen budget to the projector for now.

I am looking for something in the $500 range or under if viable. If there is a big difference I might be able to go a bit over.

I am thinking 120" or 133" size. A fixed frame screen is fine as it is a dedicated room. I will be mostly watching 3d.

The main seating position is 14 feet from the back wall where the screen will be mounted.

I currently plan to ceiling mount the projector at around the same distance back as the seating position. I do have other mounting options if needed. I could do a back wall shelf mount as well which would be about 20 feet away.

If any additional info is needed just let me know.

Appreciate any help or suggestions.

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Well IMO, i am not a expert but the best thing i went with is Wilson Art Designer white Laminate from i think it was lowes, it was awesome for my 8350, nothing but compliments. Every one that seen the screen swore it was a very expensive one lol. Just my 2 sense. I am getting a 5010 and was told that screen will rock on it too.
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I been looking around myself ,for screens to go with my 5010 too while i do not own the epson 5010 just yet from what i have been reading the best bang for the buck if u dont want to spend a ton of money ,the elite fixed frames are fantastic for the price u pay .And there really easy to put up.i was going to get the 120' fixed frame from amazion.120 inch from elite is 299 bucks u cant beat that price for that size and let me tell u i have seen the dimensions of that screen i have the dimensions on my wall its is really big .
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