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Integrated house on a budget

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Hi everyone,

I'm building a home 2400sf 3 floors. I want to integrate as much as possible during the building process. I've read a lot of the forums and starting to get an idea but still need a lot of help!

I am budgeting around $10,000. Want to do as much as I can in that budget.

What I had in mind was a home theater system in the living room with a windows 7 type server, a TV and speakers in all bedrooms including the master bathroom. I want to be able to put a 7" to 10" touch screen LCD controller in every room that can control everything from lighting, audio, temperature, TV's, etc... what would also be nice is if my cell phone could sync to the system via bluetooth and i was able to answer phone calls from the touch LCD controllers in each room.

i've found some touch USB lcd screens that I believe i could use but no idea what software is required to be able to integrate it to everything.

any advice anyone could offer would be great as I am complete lost at the moment. I have a computer science degree and work for a software company so i'm computer savvy just never done anything like this before.
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Are you going to do this yourself or hire someone?
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I was planning on having someone do the required wiring during construction but hoping to do the rest myself.
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250 views and 1 reply? Am i doing something wrong?
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Originally Posted by Ajay82 View Post

250 views and 1 reply? Am i doing something wrong?

I think part of it is people are confused by your goals as stated in the original post.

Most serious home automation is done via "systems" from companies like Crestron, Niles, Savant, Lutron, Control4, etc. Attempting to "go your own way" tends to get problematic. I speak from personal experience as I've spent quite a bit of time trying to do so myself. It comes down to a few specific things.

1.) Complexity of Software

Lets face it. Most of what you're buying with a home automation system is software. Very complex software. It needs to know what devices it's controlling, what device is controlling it, what media to stream, what state each device is in (on, off, standby, etc). It gets complicated quickly. There is no open source or user installable software that I know of that can do this which makes a large part of what you're wanting to do impossible.

2.) Hardware

You're wanting to build most of your equipment yourself from the sounds of it. That opens you up to several topics such as HTPC construction, etc. I'm sure most people don't even know where to begin on that one. Most of the systems that do this type of thing use dedicated, closed systems due to various DRM issues.

I'd recommend narrowing your system design requirements down to some specific goals and present us with them.
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