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AMC HD on Fios

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His channel looks like crap on Fios. Anybody else have the same problem.
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Yep, apparently there is some dispute between Verizon and the provider of AMC, so the feed Verizon gets is terrible quality.
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Same problem here is Billerica Massachusetts. The problem is also in the surrounding towns. I have been calling Verizon for the past several months and nothing is ever done. All they do is close the trouble tickets. A tech came out to the houe and agreed that there was nothing he could do because the poor quality signal was being fed to me this way.

My family and friends with Comcast don't have this problem. I switched from Comcast a year ago and it it wasn't for FiOs's Internet service I would switch back in a second. The VZ ads are deceprive. VZ's picture quality, at least in my opinion, it poorer than Comcast's . . . on almost every channel. And let's not talk about their lousy Customer Service that takes 20-35 minutes to answer your calls.

Verizon, I try as hard as I can to keep people from making the same mistake as I have.

- John
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