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While I decided to pass on Diablo 3, I will most definitely sign up for Marvel Heroes if it is as good as it looks:

Details from the official site have been summarized at NeoGAF:
  • Quote:

    • F2P PC exclusive
    • Diablo-like gameplay with randomized environments
    • Play solo or multiplayer with friends
    • Runs on Unreal 3 Engine
    • 12 characters already announced: Wolverine, Thor, Thing, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Hulk, Deadpool, Cyclops, Captain America, Cable, Black Widow
    • Storm and Human Torch are shown in the headers but don't have any entries yet
    • At least 36 characters total judging by the character slots left
    • Confirmed enemies: Dr. Doom, Purifiers, HYDRA
    • Trailer shows Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Colossus, Emma Frost and a Sentinel
    • Every hero has 5 stats: Accuracy, Agility, Energy, Strength, Will
    • 1 unique active and passive power each for every hero plus several shared powers
    • Stat-altering gear and costumes (purely cosmetic apparently)
    • Story written by Brian Michael Bendis