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Originally posted by royrose

It makes sense for one person to contact them rather than having several of us bug them. Thanks for the update.


In the caseof KKTV i would agree, they have been really good at suppling info about their status. The other major stations have not though. I still have not heard any thing from KOAA or KRDO. Maybe a flood of emails, snail mail, and phone calls would get the point across that there is a great interest in HDTV availablitiy in our area. KOAA has a BBS/Forum but it's very rare that anyone posts on it regarding (H)DTV. KRDO has a feedback/contact page on their site but they don't respond to emails, at least not yet.

Perhaps a "Sit-in" or "Hunger Strike" would work! Anybody know any good (or bad) Anti-Analog protest songs, better yet does anybody know Joan Biaz?

Seriously though, the more people that contact these stations the better. maybe they'll figure out that their viewers do in fact want HDTV!!
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Well, Here it is on a Friday after 8 and KKTV is showing 'hack'. Of course they are still cropping the edges so we can't even see the same picture the regulars viewers see, but it is DTV at night.

(and they're cropping the CBS logo!)

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Maybe Tim forgot to flip the switch to off, or maybe this is a sign that they are really close to going full time.

Either way, Hack is sent in HD from the network feed, and it's not being shown in true HD by KKTV, so some equipment must still be missing or non-functioning.
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I just checked it out, and I'm pretty sure it's not cropped at all on my Mitsubishi RPTV. I had the full CBS eye logo in the corner, with room to the right and below it, and also saw the full text with no cropping on both a commercial and a KKTV news banner.

Here's hoping they actually get HD operational this month. The NCAA basketball tournament has some HD games beginning March 21 through the finals on April 7. http://cbs.sportsline.com/u/cbs/spor...20ncaahdtv.htm And more importantly, the Masters from Augusta National will be presented using 42 HD cameras on the course, April 10-13. http://cbs.sportsline.com/u/cbs/spor...asters2003.htm

Switching back to reception issues, I'm receiving the digital signal just fine with a $29 Radio Shack helix/dipole set-top antenna, all the way up in Gleneagle, with the antenna on the wrong (north) side of the house for now. I don't see where the Mitsubishi's HD tuner gives me a signal strength percentage, but it doesn't cut out at all where I have it positioned now.

And thanks, drvais, for making the calls and giving us the updates!
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I also didn't really notice any cropping as severe as what jackheneghan described.

Compared to when they started doing daily tests on 20 Feb, has anyone else noticed in the last week or two how the digital signal looks a lot better than the analog signal?
For the first week or two after they started, I was hard pressed to tell any difference, but now it is clearly sharper.
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I may have been jumping the gun on the cropping. I'm using an IT910S as a receiver and it looks like it can change the output from 16x9 to whatever without my doing anything. I'm looking at one channel and it's full 16x9 and I look at the other and it's a cropped 4x3. But I found some settings in the video setup that may fix it. I will see.

At least now KKTV doesn't looked cropped. And the digital looks a lot clearer that the NTSC picture.

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As of yesterday, KKTV was still awaiting their server from the factory in California. The factory stated that the server would probably be shipped at the end of last week. KKTV is also still waiting on a satellite receiver that was promised to them (I guess by CBS), however I was assured that they can still operate without this particular piece of equipment.

When I asked Ray at KKTV why they left the signal up over the weekend, he said it was because a lot of 9-5ers had called in and complained that they wanted to see the signal to make sure all of their HD equipment was good to go, but they kept getting in from work too late.

*KRDO-DT UPDATE*: I just spoke with Mike over at KRDO engineering, and he stated that they will not have a signal up by the end of this month. Instead, they are aiming for July as a rollout date, albeit not at full power. He stated that "a lot of politics" have slowed their digital transition. Sorry folks.
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Is KKTV-DT on the air today? I am stuck at home, for some strange reason, and I have tried to look at KKTV and don't see a signal. I wonder if they are even on or if the weather may be affecting the signal.

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I also am getting no signal from them, and I haven't changed anything from the many days where I got the signal fine. So most likely the digital signal is off the air or the weather has affected it.

Guess the delivery of their new server is going to be delayed by 3-4 days now, huh?
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By the way, is there anyone out there with a Mitsubishi rear-projection TV (with HD tuner) who has displayed a signal strength reading? I can't seem to find it...
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No signal for me either. At least I know that you guys are not getting it either.

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It was turned off yesterday, but I don't know why.
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I understand that CBS is broadcasting the 1st and 2nd round Birmingham games in HD. Any word that KKTV will broadcast them Friday and Sunday?

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Holy Cow! KKTV-DT is broadcasting the basketball game live and in HD! Wahoo! Hopefully this indicates everything is up and running.

This is interesting, on the analog feed from KKTV, they are showing the CBS network coverage of the war, but they are giving the regularly scheduled programming on the HD feed.
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I see that KKTV-DT is broadcasting the NCAA in HD, while the analog channel has scenes of Baghdad.

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Just spoke with Tim (Chief Engineer at KKTV), and he said he's merely doing some more testing of a true 1080i network feed during the daytime.

The server that they have been waiting on has been trapped in Denver since Monday. It may end up in the Springs by this afternoon, but he's not holding his breath.

Also, Tim said that he doesn't feel comfortable going full-time until they get their satellite receiver in, which has an unknown ETA.
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My TV has finally had the privilege of knowing what HD is. I even watched the Purdue rout of LSU just because it looked so good.

Tim needs to have mercy on us! There are 2 more NCAA games tonight in HD and another 2 on Sunday (i.e., the games from Birmingham, AL only). We don't need no stinkin' server or a different sat receiver. Leave it on, man!

Then during the week, he only needs to leave it on for Letterman (5x a week), CSI (2x a week), Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens. Then again, they'll all be pre-empted for the war coverage.

[Anybody want to sell me a DirecTV HD tuner for less than $699??]
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If you go to Circuit City on Academy, they have the HD SAT520 for $399 or so (or at least they did two weeks ago). It was an open box item, but it should work ok.
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I have not seen anything on KKTV-DT all week....Anybody know whats going on?
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Just spoke with Bob at KKTV, apparently, their server finally came in.

However, they are still awaiting their satellite receiver and there are "other issues going on" that has put the rollout on hold.

He sounded as disappointed as I felt when he said that they have no estimated date of operation.
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Hard to imagine what their other issues or politics are that could be more important than 1) beating all your competitors to the HD market by the longest margin possible of time, 2) getting to brag to your advertisers about it, 3) getting to provide the best quality TV in Colorado Springs ever and 4) taking advantage of highly watched upcoming events like the NCAA Final Four and the (Tiger vs. Martha) Masters. Must be really serious "issues".

If public pressure from multiple viewers would help, many in the forum would be glad to start calling. But only if you think it would help, drvais. We'll plan on holding off unless you tell us otherwise.
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At least KKTV HAS these type of issues and is dealing with it. The other stations are nowhere near the ballpark and won't be in the game for a while.

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Well, I think Tim is pretty firm in his belief that they won't go full time until that sat receiver comes in, and no amount of complaining (on our part) will change when that piece arrives.

As a matter of clarification, if KKTV does go full time soon, they should be the first true 1080i full power HDTV station in the entire state (at least according to Tim)!
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Unless there is something in Grand Junction I don't know about, Tim is 100% correct. They will be the first 1080i (or 720p) full power station in Colorado. The closest Denver has to full power DTV is KDVR FAUX which is AFAIK about one-third power and FAUX widescreen 420p. The only true 1080i HD in Denver is from KRMA and KCNC, both at very low power (~1-10KW) from the Republic Building. KUSA is at the same power level there too, but is not transmitting any NBC network HD, only upconverted SD. KMGH transmits 720p at about 1 KW from on top of their 3 story tall studio to several square blocks.

Congratulations to KKTV, or at least congratulations when they get on the air.
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I take back what I said, let's inundate KKTV with calls so that they know how many people are actually interested in OTA HDTV service. It might not get their receiver here any quicker, but at least it'll give Tim and the station management some incentive to speed up things once all the parts come in (and hopefully nip any "other issues").

KKTV: 634-2844

As always, be polite, but just let them know that you can't wait to see the fully operational KKTV-DT signal!
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I agree. I will call and will send e-mail to people listed on their web site.

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I've emailed all listed on their website. I only received this one reply:

I'm sorry David I don't know anything about HDTV, please call 634-2844
ask for Engineering.

Sarah Bernhard
KKTV Programming
(719) 634-2844 x.207
(719) 475-9662 Fax

I've made the call and of course they are just testing and the person I spoke to said they may be on in a couple weeks. I asked for the NCAA tournament games but he stated again they are just testing. Seems like they could just test the games then also, but...... Anyone else had any luck?
Sorry nothing new, but hopefully the calls will make them realize there are a lot of people who want this signal.
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I left a polite, encouraging, upbeat voicemail for Tim at KKTV Engineering today.

Has anyone else called or gotten a more definitive answer?
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I haven't bothered to call, at this point I don't think it will do much good. I guess we are going to have to wait a little (or a lot) longer.

(Sighs and curls up in fetal position...sobbing uncontrolably)
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Hi, I've been reading here for a few days, great to see some others in this area talking about this stuff!

I had no idea you could test yet, but have tried for the past two days and have gotten nothing on 10, or 11-1. I'm guessing they've had it down the past two days. I noticed their going live date, and was waiting for titantv.com etc to confirm they went live before I was going to try to see it.

Can anyone here please PM me if you get a signal so I can test to see if it works for me yet. I don't have the correct antenna setup yet.
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