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I'm using a modified RS Bowtie antenna, and it seems to work pretty well on the locals. I get Ch. 30 decently, which is saying something.
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Frank, just realized that one of my co-workers lives (with a DISH HD hookup) pretty close to you as well. Right off Stetson Hills near that elementary school.

I'm near Austin Bluffs and Barnes.
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Dishnetwork will have our locals available in the very near future, possibly by the middle/end of November! UPN57 will not be available, according to their Chief Eng. they have no intention of getting on the satelite any time soon.
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Roger on UPN. I called them two weeks ago and confirmed as much. I should have posted that information when I received it, as the CEA website lists UPN 57 as presently being digital. LOL!
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I have a Panasonic CT32-HX41 flat screen HDTV and the Panny TU-HDS20 STB and can't wait for SOMEBODY to start start transmitting HDTV OTA here in the Springs. I use a Recoton TV3000 antenna mounted on my roof and it pulls in everything great, except UPN 57 of course. Digital? Yeah right! At least I can still enjoy HDNET and HBO-HD until something better comes along. We early-adopters are always a pretty impatient group!
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I just got a reply from UPN57, here it is;

Mr. Zimkas,

Our tentative air date is May 1, 2003.

Mike Dunlap


At least it's not 2004!
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great.....What about KOAA, KKTV, and KRDO ?
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From www.titantv.com

ABC 24 KRDO-DT Mar 31 2003
CBS 10 KKTV-DT Feb 15 2003
FOX 22 KXRM-DT May 1 2003
NBC 42 KOAA-DT Awaiting FCC Permit
PBS 26 KTSC-DT May 1 2003
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Now, I wonder if we'll see true HD or just DTV from any of the stations listed. Nevertheless, I'm anxiously awaiting CBS' arrival. I rarely watch CBS, but I'll watch all the time if it's in HD.
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Time to start showin off those juevos and make the calls! Let us know what you find out.
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Damn Damn

Double Double

Post Post!
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Originally posted by drvais
Just curious how many AVS Forum members reside in Colorado Springs and own an HDTV.

Im a tad late to this thread, but im in the Springs, have an HDTV, and am waiting for ota hd. Hoping it arrives sooner rather than later


(edit) remove double post, spelling..
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I, too, am in COS awaiting OTA HDTV. I'm also awaiting my HDTV set, but that's another forum discussion.

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Right now I'd settle for a foot or two of snow and and some bitter cold! Looks like another lousy winter for us!
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Well I fired off another email to KXTU and asked about HD programming. Here's their response:

Mr. Zimkas,

As of this time, FOX is not offering any HD programming, however most of their prime programming is in 16:9 aspect.

The DTV mode offered by FOX is 480p (480 line, progressive scan), instead of 1080i (1080 line, interlaced scan).

Mike Dunlap


HMM, I get 480p from my DVD collection, and no commercials.
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Looks like they did not answer your question...

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Hi guys again ;-) just hanging out and waiting like the rest of us. I did finally settle on a Sony HD200 set top box and a Terk TV55 antena - so we wait, watch HDNet - the Avs games are really great this way! :-) I will chat with you later - lets hope the broadcasters keep on schedule.
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I'm watching the Steelers vs. Titans game right now in 1080i on CBS-HD (Dishnetwork). The picture quality is beyond discription!!
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ok, I sent of an email to the President, and the General Manager
about channel 24. When ?
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Just got off the phone with the head of engineering at KKTV (Tim T.). He said they now have all of the equipment to broadcast in 1080i and 5.1 surround sound. He also said that he is trying his hardest to ensure that they are on schedule for the Valentine's Day rollout. Furthermore, he stated that KKTV will broadcast it's HD content just as it appears off of the network feed (I guess we WILL be one of the lucky cities to get to see the Grammys in 5.1 next month). Right now, they are figuring out cooling issues for the equipment, along with a host of other issues. On the bright side, he referred to all of this "as a fun project." He's very enthusiastic about broadcasting in HD next month.
BTW, I told him what a leap in technology it will be to go from SD and mono to 1080i HD and 5.1 sound- he obviously completely agreed. Tim also mentioned that the SD version of KKTV will continue to broadcast in mono, since there's no real need for it to be in stereo now due to the upcoming HD channel.

There, sorry it took some time to get this answered, but I had a lot to do to prepare for my CES trip.
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Originally posted by drvais

There, sorry it took some time to get this answered, but I had a lot to do to prepare for my CES trip.

Hey good news is always worth waiting for! How was CES? Did you bring back some goodies for the rest of us?
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It was my first CES, and I must say that it was one of the greatest weekends of my life.

I made a few contacts with big wigs at Zenith and Denon, and I got to check out a lot of neat toys (the Dish PVR921 had to be the coolest, that and the "flexible" monitor).
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I've been following a couple of threads at WWW.DBSTalk.com regarding the 921, so I'm really looking forward to it's release. I'd like to get one after the price drops a little. I'll be very happy to retire the VCR! My 6000 will get moved to the bedroom TV for HD duties there.

Did Tim mention if/when they are going to start TEST Broadcasts on channel 10? I run a scan for digital signals with my 6000 every now and then to see if they have anything "In the wind' yet.

BTW, still no date from KOAA with regards to their DTV start date. As usual they are slow to keep up with viewer demands, or any technology upgrades for that matter. Maybe they'll get movin' after the other locals steal all of their loyal viewers with a clean (H)DTV signal!
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I asked Tim if they've sent out any test signals yet, and he said, "No."
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Glad to see an active thread here for those of us in CSprings! I have a Panasonic HDS20 and was searching for OTA info and landed here. Looks like I'll have to keep a close watch on this thread to see if any of our local stations come through with their promises!

I really wished KRDO could have gotten their HD ready in time for the Super Bowl, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. So sad to see them come on the air a couple of months too late. Maybe next year I'll finally get to see an HD Super Bowl.

Anyway, I'm over in the Cheyenne Mountain area, just below Norad, so hopefully I'm not in the mountain shadow. I can receive all of the normal analog signals just fine, so hopefully I'll be able to get the DTV signals as well. I saw someone recommend a Terk TV55 antenna...any other recomendations? Especially for an indoor antenna?

In the meantime, back to watching HDnet.
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I think a lot of us are going to be playing antenna roulette until we find one that works. With the geography the way it is around here, my Terk antenna may be great where I'm at (Powers & Stetson Hills) and totally useless in your home. Some the members here report good results with a Radio Shack Set Top double bow tie.
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Originally posted by drvais
Right now, they are figuring out cooling issues for the equipment,

Have them call me, I'm in the Heating and A/C business!!
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Hey Mike P: I also have the Panny tu-20 and had the mods done at the factory for dropouts etc...Do you still get occasional dropouts like I do?? I can't wait till someone makes a box that is BUG FREE! I doubt that any locals will be on-air by VD .
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I just spoke with Tim at KKTV again, he said that they're still on target for at least having test signals (color bars) up and running by Friday. He said that initial testing will begin on Wednesday (I assume most likely during the day time). He said that they'll run color bars for a few days just to make sure that everything is running smoothly, then they will make an announcement on channel 11 (I assume either with an ad or inside of a newscast) when they go fully operational with programming. Tomorrow, they're having some transmitter engineers fly in and do a final check on all of the tower equipment.
When I asked him about being ready in time for the Grammys, he said that he believed they would be totally up and running by then.
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Thanks for the update! I guess I'll find out if my Terk antenna will be adequate in a few days. I'm also looking forward to cancelling CBS-HD from E*...It's been nice to be able to watch some HD programming, but I'll be glad to lower the bill a little.
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