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I'm helping a friend setup a new system he purchased.

Receiver: Integra DTR 40.3
Subwoofer Amplifier: Paradigm X-850
Subwoofer: 2 Paradigm RVC-12 SQ

From the sub amp to the subwoofers seems straightforward. There is a L/R output that goes to each subwoofer's L/R input.

From the receiver to the amp though, leaves me wondering what is correct/better.

The sub amp has 1 set of inputs, labeled "L/ R (mono)"
The receiver has two preamp sub outputs, I believe they are both mono. They are both the same color (purple).

1) Do I connect each sub out to the two inputs on the amp (L/R) ?
2) Or do I split/filter one sub out into a L/R input into the amp?
3) Or do I connect L/R preamp out from the receiver to the L/R output on the amp?

My simple mind defaulted to going with #1...seems cleanest and wouldn't it be the same as #2? But then I started thinking that maybe #3 is even the cleanest of them all.

Can anyone offer some advice ?