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Panning Motion Flickers Badly - Normal?

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Hello all,

So I have a new 46" 120Hz 1080p Samsung LED TV. This is my first set above 32" and 720p. I am completely in love with this TV except for one issue:

Sideways, or top to bottom, motion... flickers (for lack of a better term) badly.

I have tuned the Auto Motion Plus to custom, with Blur Reduction to 10, Judder Reduction to 0. This seems to provide the best relief from judder though it loses the "soap opera effect". However, I still see a terrible flicker when motion on screen moves side to side or top to bottom. It is especially bad when the camera is panning. Anything with a sharp edge flickers so badly it's actually starting to hurt my eyes/head. Scenes with lots of detail during panning motion make the whole screen flicker.

I've tried comparing this to my old 720p 32" sets, and they seem to do it too, but it's not nearly so drastic or noticeable. Is this simply unavoidable with LCD/LED sets and I just never noticed it before due to the smaller screen size?



PS - this occurs with blu rays and netflix both. I don't have cable so I dunno about normal TV.
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Suggest turning off motion-smoothing functions completely, and turn sharpness low enough to prevent whitish 'ghosting' of fine details to help minimize flickering. If possible, try a non-cinema setting (not 24p) for all non-24p shows (not dramas). -- John
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