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Vinyl storage?

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I'm looking for some shelving to hold my records (currently about 150 but of course always growing) that also has a solid shelf on top to hold the actual record player, since the dust guard opens up too tall for it to be placed anywhere on my actual tv stand. The ONLY thing I've found are these:


They're not bad and seem to be about what I'm looking for, but I'm not crazy about them and I think they're a little pricey for what they are, and really I'd just like to have options. Thanks.
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Try Bolts.com. These are made from steel and won't warp like wood. Expensive but worth it. I have 300 LP's in mine and it hasn't bent or warped in 3 yrs.
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Oops!! Thanks
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Got rid of my boltz awhile ago but they are great, never had a problem with them!
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I have the Boltz MM-504 multimedia DVD/CD rack and it's one of my most hated purchases ever. Every time I make a move and lug that thing in and out of cans and up and down stairs I'm just cursing the thing haha. It does look like I would like the vinyl storage they offer better, but it's so expensive, not to mention that another important aspect I'm looking for is enough space for my actual turntable to sit atop the storage rack. I have to go back and measure it, but I'm pretty sure that the legs of the thing would be at least partially hanging over the edges and that doesn't sit well with me. At this point the units in my original point are still in the lead, but I'm also still not all that stoked on them.
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