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Galaxy Tab 2 - built-in IR blaster?

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I did some searching and couldn't find what I was looking for. I got an email advertisement from Samsung today about the new Galaxy Tab 2.

In it, it talks about the built-in IR blaster that "turns your tablet into a universal remote control." It also mentions the pre-loaded "Smart Remote App"

Does anyone have any experience with this!?
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Looks like you're right. I did not know it had that feature. I was under the impression the Vizio tablet was one of the few. According to the Amazon description:


And with the Smart Remote app and built-in IR Blaster, you can watch and control your TV content--all from the palm of your hand.


There are a few reviews that discuss it there as well:
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Anyone know if this could replace an ip2ir for something like irule?
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iRule is programmed to communicate to Global Cache devices over the network so it will not be able to utilize the built-in blaster on the Galaxy tab. I do not know what's involved in accessing that blaster but iRule would need to develop for that. The only App that I know of that will access an Android Tab's built-in blaster is the TouchSquid App which has it's own tablet offering and runs a custom Android ROM.

The built-in IR Blaster looks like a nice new feature on tablets but IMO a good advanced control system should not be limited to the line of site that IR requires. TouchSquid, iRule and many more support the GC hardware to give you the flexibility to use your tablet remote anywhere and the reliability to know it will work.

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The built-in IR blaster would be useful in a situation like mine where I have already invested in existing IR-based system via Xantech and Pronto remote.
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Well there is also another option.

the Touchsquid app. They recently released an update that works on the G Tab 2's to function their IR blaster.

But it also will work with the Global Cache Devices, IRtrans and there was another system that I dont recall.

I have been using the Touchsquid app on my Asus Transformer ( no built in IR ) along with a iTach Wifi2IR to run my HT set up.

They have 2 versions of the software Home controls I think 4 devices and Pro is basically unlimited.

There is also a Demo version.

I am running 4 Sony CX995's, 1 Panasonic BR Player, Dynex Switch, Colby DTV Tuner, JVC Radio, Sharp DLP TV - Been working great since December

They also have great customer service. And if you are looking for a tablet they also have a Tab with a built in IR Blaster as well.

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I have been using the TouchSquid (demo version) app on my Samsung 7 plus for a couple of days and I'm very impressed so far. I have set up two "rooms" (Mitsubishi TV, JVC receiver, Cicso DVR [used Scientific Atlanta codes]) (Vizio TV, Cisco DVR) and everything works great. Favorites screen feature has 4 rows of 6 programmable icons (x 3 pages in the demo version). Each icon can be either a channel, function button or web site.
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I'm working on an Android app 'IR Blaster'. I've just published it in the Android market. The app emulates a Global Cache iTach IR device. When you run the emulator on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, iRule should be able to communicate with the emulator and control the built in IR blaster.

Think of 'IR Blaster' as a bridge between remote control apps and built in IR blasters.

I'm interested in getting the IR Blaster app to work with as many devices and remote control apps as possible. If you find 'IR Blaster' does not work for your setup and you're willing to help with testing a new scenario, please send me an email and we can explore what's possible. Thanks!
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