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I have a Pioneer VSK-D814 I bought new about five years ago or so. I have never used the system in surround and have 2 Athena bookshelf speakers and an older (maybe 80's) old RCA 100 watt sub I have been using. So I have been using it as a 2.1 setup.

I have been debating on getting a new HTiB or just building on what I have. I am really not interested in HDMI pass through or whatnot and this current system may just be fine.

I need a new sub as the top has come loose and I keep weight on it to keep it from rattling. The sub is 100 watts and I thought about fixing it. The sub is a down firing 15.

Should I go for a new system or should I just but speakers for what I have? 465 is pretty much what I have to spend.

Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT: Bought a unit and speakers so my issue is solved. Not a HTiB but separate. Thanks for looking.