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Amazon bows 'Never Before on DVD' store

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Amazon bows 'Never Before on DVD' store
Retailer to offer more than 2,000 titles as on-demand discs
By Marc Graser

Amazon has launched a "Never Before on DVD" store, in collaboration with the major studios, to sell films and TV shows that are only replicated on disc when ordered.

The retailer is using CreateSpace's DVD-on-demand service to fulfill the orders.

Offering is similar to a service Warner Bros. launched to sell DVDs of catalog titles it doesn't offer through traditional retailers -- and is seen as a way for studios to generate more revenue from their libraries without having to produce large numbers of discs for content that don't see much demand.

Amazon is offering more than 2,000 titles from the homevid divisions of Disney, Sony, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, Universal and 20th Century Fox. It will also offer up films from MGM, and CBS Networks, MTV and Nickelodeon are offering TV shows.

All titles will be available only on DVD. Many of them are already available through Amazon's Instant Video service.

Disney will offer up pics such as 1963's "The Waltz King," 1978's "Child of Glass," 1986's "The Leftovers" and TV pilot "Beyond Witch Mountain."

Others include the "Tarzan" and "The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest" TV series and "The Sky's the Limit" from Warner Bros., MGM's 1950s drama "The Big Night" and more recent "Cool Blue" and Fox's "Rings on Her Fingers" and "The Raid." Sony will sell the fifth season of "Rules of Engagement," providing the studio with an additional syndie outlet.

"The Never Before on DVD store is a great place for fans to discover thousands of films and television series they've been waiting for on DVD," said Brad Beale, director of digital video content acquisition for Amazon. "In addition to being available on DVD, many titles are available digitally to enjoy right away through Amazon Instant Video and Prime Instant Video. We will continue working to bring our customers even more great video content on DVD as well as digitally."

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thanks wizzack. sounds very interesting
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Some of these studios seem so unwilling to put these titles on streaming. I want to watch one of these movies "once" not own the thing on disc. I can't imagine that any licensing agreement "way back then" said anything about it being okay to be on DVD but not streaming. They wouldn't have imagined "streaming" but probably included rights for broadcasting which is similar. I bought "Gabriel Over the White House" from WB Classics after giving up on it showing up again on TCM or being streamed anywhere. The film had been mentioned in an episode of Ebert's "At the Movies" last year.

It would be interesting to see if the 1968 TV-movie "Shadow on the Land" with Jackie Cooper and Gene Hackman shows up. Sony apparently owns the rights because it was developed by Screen Gems and a lot of people who saw it back then want a copy. It's a very prophetic film.
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