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This is an interesting one... The HTPC I built has been working like a champ, but on one OTA channel (PBS HD) the tv shows are very pixely with motion only. Still shots, etc are great looking... Other HD OTA channels and mkv's, etc look great.

Anyone have any idea on what I should look at? Perhaps I need to adjust the intel graphic settings? I confirmed via WMC that the signal strength is excellent and there are no artifacts, etc...

It's only with motion that the screen gets pixelation. Any thoughts?
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perhaps it's the pbs broadcast in your area. If all the other channels look fine, I can't imagine that it's an issue with any setting on your box. Squeezed/restricted bandwidth to accommodate a multitude of sub-channels?
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I get pixelation on some of my directv channels as well during fast motion.
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Ok sounds like that's just the way it is!! I thought i would ask although I assumed it must be the broadcast.

PBS has some cool shows that would be great to watch in HD if they sent a better picture!
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Interesting as I am watching more TV I am seeing the pixelation more than I did prior. Are there general settings that I should review? I have done nothing to the intel drivers other than I needed to stretch it to fit my screen.
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HDTV broadcasts are in a compressed data format in which both full frames and partial frame updates are used. If a frame update is dropped in transmission then the next frame update will often apply to the wrong pixels on the screen causing pixelation. This is very common in high motion or panning HD video where almost every transmission can be a full frame of content and there is not enough bandwith available for all of these tranmissions to complete normally from your source to your receiver.
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Even in uncompressed OTA signals?
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OTA digital signals are compressed they just are not encrypted.
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Keep in mind, is this a sub-channel of the PBS station in your area, or do they have quite a few sub-channels being pushed out, which can also bring down the quality of the broadcast.

If it pixelates through various providers, and pixelates on the setup you have, mark it up as crap quality control. PBS stations are more notorious than the majority for not getting a whole lot of funding from the government and depends on the private sector and donations to keep them up for people to watch. Also, majority of the PBS stations are ran by colleges and universities and are used more as a teaching platform for the broadcasting industry than anything.
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