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Samsung hlp 5085

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have a series of black thin vertical lines,there is 8 lines per group with a total of 10 groups,each group has a aprrox 3 inch space between them,any idea what this may be,hopefully nothing expensive,this unit operated perfect for 7-8 years,just turned it on today and got this issue,please if you may know this problem reply,thank you
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Doesn't seems like anyone knows. I've got the same issue with a Mitsu DLP that I've had for a year and a half.

I turned it on last Saturday, and I got black vertical lines going all across the screen that resemble a bar code.

Hopefully, someone can help both of us out.
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if you have what looks like vertical musical notes / lines this would be a bad dmd / control board,2 repairman have said so and from what i see on the net it looks like this dlp is headed for the grave yard as i`m not spending 800 bucks to repair,anyone in new york want this come and get it ! hopefully i have better luck with a led unit,got 7 plus years from this dlp
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no one replys here,seems to be a wasteland on dlp models these days, 7 years old and already a dinosaur in this electronic world lmfao !
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I have the same TV but my set has also recently had issues after it worked for years (my DMD PCB board - part # BP96-00696A) stopped functioning. I was also told the part would cost around $390. All other parts are working fine, but it looks like my DLP may also RIP since the cost to fix is quite a bit...

If you find any additional info about it, please let me know! Good luck.

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