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Pvr good!

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We got a pvr(a digital cable box with a video recorder).got a good deal little over $300.

Its the ultimate lazyman device if you watch a lot of tv.

Some of the good- you can record something if you forgot to record it when it originally started,you can rewind anything and watch it again also without originally recording it,you can record 2 things at once,watch something and record something else,no having to put tapes in and out,picture quality of recording is exactly the same as original broadcast(no degraded picture),guide is great after getting used to it,every VCR I owned would eat the tapes and breakdown,digital box has good sound quality for the music channels.That's some of the good.

If you really enjoy watching a lot of tv and taping stuff your tv is not complete until you get one of these.

And the guide allows you to one button record ( no setting up record times , and optional added record time to a recorded program).
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I can't tell if this post was supposed to be a joke, but if not, most AVS users have had these since the late 90's.
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It wasn't meant to be a joke.I didn't see much talk about pvrs so I thought I'd put in a positive comment on them,as I just recently got one and am impressed with it.Two thumbs up
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Most of the time you only hear from people when something does not work well.I guess pvrs must work well.
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Or your right they have been around so long people don't talk about them anymore
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I have elderly relatives who have no idea what it is like to watch A program completely commercial free. Having A pvr does not mean you will watch more TV... It means you watch better TV. Anybody remember the DishPlayer Lol.smile.gif
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