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A little overwhelmed..could use some DIY SCREEN guidance

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Greetings! I am about to delve into the world of home projection. I have been scouring this website for two days and am a little overwhelmed at all the incredible info!

Here's what I have:
Epson Pro6010 Projector
A 11' x 19' room...completely light controlled.

I need to paint on my screen. If I use the MaxxMudd paint scheme, which one would I need to use? Are there any comparable kits that I can buy that produce the same quality screen? Being that the 6010 is supposed to have such good contrast, which gain should I use? Or should I go SilverFire??

One other question. Unless I settle for much smaller screen, i can not place front left and right speakers to sides of screen. Is below screen, in-line with center, ok?
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Going with speakers under the screen may work out well. I don't have any comment on the paint to use though. I have always been a person to just do a quick one paint job on busy weekends. Ultra bright white or Silverscreen had been my choices, but I have heard that these other formulas can really make the image pop. I don't personally know and have been pleased with what I had done. Good luck with the project. It will be very rewarding in the end. All of mine had been.
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Welcome tbcq715!

I see you joined up well over a year ago, so by now you must have read a lot!

The 6010 is a great PJ, and needs little in the way of actual contrast boosting assistance iin a light controlled setting. However if your considering usiong the 3D option, it would be good to consider going with a Paint option that maintains at least 1.2-1.3 gain.

RS-MaxxMudd LL would be an excellent choice. Be advised that there are NO commercially available "Kits" to paint screens that will cost anything remotely as little as RS-MM-LL, and few will provide anything nearly as worthy for all that extra expense.

A few other considerations.

You did not mention what size screen you want to go with (...to keep the speakers below the bottom of the screen...) nor the expected / necessary throw distance?

Or the ceiling height and ceiling / wall colors.??

Ecven with the 6010s performance envelope, if you get undue reflections off the adjoining walls and / or ceiling, even in a fully darkened room the reflections can noticeably reduce black levels and overal contrast. While this isn't a issue watching very dark content (obviously), when you get a bright image that also has dark elements contained within, colors and blacks can get washed out.

I really don't thing going with a darker gray would be as conducive to obtaining a "best" results as would be effectively controlling reflections heading back toward the screen's surface. The ceiling is usually the biggest offender, but closely adjacent side walls can be pretty annoying as well.

Let's keep up the dialog!
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