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Pioneer BDP-51FD Vibration or Hum

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In the last week or 2 I've noticed that my Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-Ray player will sometimes begin to hum (it's actually a vibration) part-way through a movie. It's starts at a low volume and begins to steadily increase, although the pitch remains the same. If I put my hand on the top front edge of the unit, press down and tap it a few times, the hum goes away for the rest of the movie. It's almost like the spinning disc inside is creating some sort of harmonic vibration. And what's really strange is that with one movie I watched twice it happened in exactly the same scene, maybe 10 minutes into the movie! Has anyone experienced something like this and if so how did you fix it?
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This is not uncommon... This occurs when the disc playing is slightly out of round or possibly warped or the player may have a slight resonance. The disc laser reads from the center then moves outward. Since the playback has a constant read speed, the disc spins faster as it reaches the outer edge of the disc, exasperating the wobble. I have noticed this on a number of discs, but it is quite rare.

Sometimes removing the disc and restarting it reduces or eliminates the wobble as the disc mechanism can have a resonance which also can play a factor in it...

I notice this a lot when burning CDs and the CD burner speeds up at the end of the process (@ 52X normal speed)
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Dont' think it's the disc since it happens with multiple Blu-Rays - they can't all be out of round. But I think it's closely related. Happened again last night on another new BD. Seems like I'm going to have to tap on the player 10 minutes into the movie if I hear the hum start until I get a new one. Have had my eye on an Opppo and really need the subtitle shift for my 2.4:1 setup and watching movies like Tora! Tora! Tora! and The Black Book.
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This specific player is known for having significant vibration noise issues for discs that are slightly unbalanced. It is not uncommon at all for discs to be slightly unbalanced, and often entire runs of the same movie will retain similar balance characteristics.

This will not cause any damage to the disc or player and for this player there is no remedy for the issue. Therefore, really one must either live with it or buy a different model BD player.
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