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I'm currently running a Yamaha RX-V661 which I use in a 7.1 configuration. I'm perfectly happy with the sound quality of the 661, but I store my BluRays in my HTPC and I have to decode the HD audio codecs to LPCM for compatibility with the 661. This is a pain (although I wrote a program that does it for me, but it still takes a long time).

Now I know every receiver pretty much does this now, but I don't have big requirements. I want equal or better sound quality than the 661, HD codec bitstreaming, an OSD, 7.1, and a few HDMI ports (I only use 3). Given this criteria, optimize for minimum price

So many options, and so little that can be demo'd at Best Buy anymore. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good sounding no-frills receiver at a good price. Thanks in advanced!