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How to get a print copy of a .pdf manual

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My Canon Vixia M41 came with a .pdf manual, which is not much use to me in the field. The manual is 204 pages of detail, on small pages. Printing it out on my home printer would waste a huge amount of paper, given that I'd like to have the manual in its original small format, so it will fit in the carrying case with the camera. I know that Kinko's has a service to print and perfect-bind .pdfs, but they would have same problem with the paper waste and trimming that I would have. Is there a service that is set up to print and bind small-page .pdfs? Canon said they could send me a printed manual, but they sent the Quick Guide instead.
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This may not be the answer you are looking for but if you print out only what you 'need' it won't be 204 pages. Just print the sections you find most difficult or reference the most. That should trim it down to about 60-80 pages or even 100.
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Thank you, pitdaddy. You are correct that I won't need all of the pages, but so far I haven't done a very good job of predicting wihch ones I'll need. I have about 20 pages printed out, but I'll get somewhere and not have what I need, come home and print the section I needed last time... Guess I have a lot more to go if I continue this way. Also, mine are single-faced, due to the difficulty of lining up these little pages back-to-back on a sheet. 80 pages would be almost as large as the full booklet, properly printed, and would probably be stapled into several booklets...
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I saw a manual for my Casio camera offered on *bay. $10? I was uncertain if it was a paper copy/CD or both. The description was not clear. I would check out similar sources for for your Canon.

I purchased a paper copy form my Casio Fh100 from Casio support. It was just 8 1/2" X 11" that they had printed as I could have. It was only $10 with free shipping.
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I have also downloaded my camera and smartphone manuals, both 200+ pages, to my new Smartphone.

I don't know how to scan rapidly through the pages so getting to page 190, for example, is quite a finger flipping chore.
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My DW printed all 200+ pages of the manual for her new Panasonic FZ150. He version of computer, Adobe Reader and printer gave her choices on size. She could have printed a couple pages per sheet. She elected to make it full size for easier reading. She put it in a 3 ring binder so she can highlight and make notes.

She also put it on both her Kindles because she normally has one with her when traveling.

It would have been better for Panasonic to give her a compact printed manual!

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I, too have put manuals on my smartphone, but they are too small to read and it is hard to flip through the pages. I had thought of getting a Kindle and putting all of my manuals on it, but I'll bet there is no fast navigation to a particular page on the Kindle either, since the .pdf manual on the disc isn't set up so you can click on an entry in the table of contents or the index and be taken to the page, plus I don't want to have to carry even an extra Kindle to the places I take the camera. The notebook won't work for me because I wanted the small camera just so I wouldn't have to carry too much.

I know lots of people have looked at this, so there is probably no solution for me, but thanks to all of you anyway. All I want is the original manual, in its small size, in print. I told Canon I was willing to pay for it.
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A friend works at Staples and recommended having them print it double-sided and spiral bound. That was a great solution! I had them enalrge the pages a little bit and put a clear cover on the front and sturdy opaque one on the back. The whole thing was under $20. I had had one printed at another office supply store a few years ago and that one didn't come out nearly as well, but I can highly recommend the Staples version.
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