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HD Video Editing Software

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I'd like to create some custom pieced together videos at home from various bluray movies and I'm curious what experiences people have had with various software. I've ripped a bluray once a long time ago but forgot which program I used. So I guess there's two steps here:

1. Rip various bluray movies to obtain the specific scenes I want
2. Use some other software to stitch the videos together, as well as add text.

I'd guess that's two completely different pieces of software. For question #1 I've seen AnyDVD talked about a lot, is that the defacto standard?

For question #2 I saw this large comparison on wikipedia, has anyone had any experience with any of these editors? I notice there's several free GPL applications out there so that'd be great.


I don't really have any requirements, as my main PC is Windows but I also have a Macbook Pro dual booting OSX and Ubuntu. Both are Core i7 with 8GB RAM so plenty of power either way. The only other consideration is cost, I'd like to spend little or nothing. The only feature I need is to be able to stitch various videos together and add text, possibly fading the text (keeping in mind that the input video will be from the blurays).
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I'm pretty sure recent versions of iMovie can edit HD video.

I've used Final Cut Pro X and it's nice!
There's also the Express version which is cheaper :P
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You can try vlmc...it's free and looks like it should do what you need.
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I'll have to give iMovie a shot as I'm still somewhat new to OSX.

VLMC looks awesome but I can't see where I can download it.
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To the OP, OSX sucks ass in dealing with video from blu ray rips.
You really need windows along with VideoReDo and/or TSPE depending on the video codec of what you want to edit. Blu ray files are not really meant for editing work, so it is a pain to work with them. VideoReDo will work with mpeg2/h.264 video, and TSPE will work with VC1 video. Nothing that I am aware of on OSX will work natively with h.264/vc1 transport streams. Good luck.
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Awesome thank you for that info. That VideoReDo looks pretty nice and isn't too bad on price. I would definitely rather work in windows (I almost always boot into windows on the macbook anyways lol), just wanted to throw it out there that I could use any OS. I'll be reporting back once I give these a shot!

Oh and also an update on the VLMC, it is in extreme alpha and not even really usable yet. The project appears to be continuing on but has been going since 2010 so I wouldn't put a lot of faith in it being completed any time soon.
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Just to update, found some great info in this thread:
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