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YSP-5100 for wide, shallow room?

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A friend of mine is doing some home renovations and will have a 24' x 12' room he'd like to set up as a media room. Due to a variety of constraints including WAF, he will be putting his TV (not purchased yet, but probably an 80" plasma) on the 24' wall. I believe the seating will be along the back wall.

He is thinking of getting a Yamaha YSP-5100, primarily for the simplicity of setup and lack of clutter. No additional speakers, no receiver to worry about, etc. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether he'll be able to get a good surround sound experience from this soundbar? It' may be possible to demo the speaker at a local Best Buy, but I'm more concerned about its room correction capabilities.

If not the YSP-5100, is there another soundbar he should consider? He's also looking at the BIC Formula FH56-BAR system but would want to pair it with an AV Receiver and possibly some ceiling surrounds like the OSD Audio ICE670.

Please assume an overall audio budget of under $2500.

Thanks in advance!
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The B&W Panorama is another great option.... you can get a used one for around $1200 or prob find a new one just under $2k.

Will he listen to any music in this room? Or strictly movies? Is he more concerned about sound quality or surround effects?
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Did your friend end up buying? If so, how does he like it? I'm looking at the same decision.
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The really cool thing is, if you want to expand it , it has pre outs, I do a lot of installs around Seattle and that is a good,go to sound projector but Yamaha is discontinuing it,so I would grab it if you can. I have to order direct from yamaha.It has the biggest sound stag hands down out of all of them. It also, is thin enough to hang under your display.
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If he has the walls. He will get a great situation. The YSP 5100 ...with... a really good subwoofer..
is I believe absolute apex Surround sound experience that one will get from a soundbar
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