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Originally Posted by Dex Robinson View Post

Well, if anybody benefits from Target moving into Canada it will be me smile.gif. This is the plan for the big Winnipeg store...and I can see the site from the end of my block (a 10 minute walk from my house):
"The city's Assiniboia Community Committee approved design plans on Tuesday night for the retail giant's store, which would be built on the site where Canad Inns Stadium currently stands.
Target proposes a 144,000-square-foot store built on "stilts" to provide parking on the ground level and a shopping level above it. The company's trademark bull's-eye would make the store visible from aircraft flying over the city."

I don't know what kind of Blu-ray selection they will carry but it sounds like I'm getting a good sized Target. If they don't carry BDs here, I'll be disappointed.

Target built a store like this in Madison, WI to take advantage of a pre-existing retail spot with nowhere to put parking except underneath. You take the escalator or elevator up to the main floor of the store. I don't go there very often but they have a decent supply of Blu-rays.
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Looks like Olive is re-releasing The Monster Squad, another chance to see if the same Loinsgate titles are different. I have not seen this title in the $5 bin unlike two others. Of the other new releases 'Innocent Bystanders' seems interesting.
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Originally Posted by wuther View Post

Looks like Olive is re-releasing The Monster Squad, another chance to see if the same Loinsgate titles are different.

Well, it'll be more expensive -- and probably won't have any of the extras on there.

Monster Squad had a full documentary, deleted scenes, commentary. Highlander 2's extras were arguably much more entertaining than the movie. I'd expect both to be features-less on Olive's releases, in which case the Lionsgate discs will become even more in demand among fans. Cujo doesn't have any of its extras on the Olive release either (though they are adding a new commentary instead. Not sure if that makes it worth another $20 over the $5 you can find the Lionsgate disc for).
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If one care about supplements more they can get the $5 BD, I was referring to the pq of course.
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I called it! Olive is supposedly releasing Running Man in February, I am crossing my fingers for better pq.
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Ingrid Bergman is so hot, Indiscreet:

The caps look film like, l kind of suspect there is some mild compression issue with the film grain.


Ugh, the site did no comparing to the other BD. Hard to tell but it maybe worse then the previous release and it maybe a long while before (if ever) a proper comparison is done.
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Running Man:


Hardly the best looking Olive caps I have seen, reminds of the first Terminator BD with weak detail. No comparison with the previous BD of course.
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Both look like they stem from the same older mediocre scan, but Olive brightened it up a bit.
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Saying the Lionsgate looks like an upscale, is the height of pish.
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Originally Posted by NagysAudio View Post

The Running Man observations... Here is a comparison between the OLD Lionsgate Blu-ray release and DVD: http://www.caps-a-holic.com/hd_vergl...ch=running_man

As can be seen, the Lionsgate Blu-ray is practically an up-convert.

Now take a look at these...

Olive Films: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/screen...06&position=16

Lionsgate: http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/screen...308&position=8

Those links are broken. Also thats from a push-in or pull-out shot and one is a far view and the other is a near view, not good for comparing at all although they both seem to have the same level of film grain (or lack there of). Not to mention judging an 'improvement' for an entire transfer on one image is not a good idea.
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Altman is a great director, That Cold Day in the Park:


Granted there appears to be a lot of soft focus shots hurting detail but the caps do have a film-like quality to them with not much artifacts to spot.
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A big slate for April. Fans of the Duke should be in seventh heaven, though none of these are ranked among his peak work:

Champion (1949, w/Kirk Douglas)
City That Never Sleeps (1953)
Copocabana (1947, w/Carmen Miranda and Groucho Marx)
The Fighting Seabees (1944, w/John Wayne)
Flirt (1995, dir. Hal Hartley)
Magic Town (1947, w/James Stewart and Jane Wyman, dir. William Wellman)
Meanwhile (2011, dir. Hal Hartley)
The Red Pony (1949, w/Myrna Loy and Robert Mitchum, dir. Lewis Milestone)
Santa Fe Stampede (1938, w/John Wayne)
Wake of the Red Witch (1948, w/John Wayne)
War of the Wildcats a.k.a. In Old Oklahoma (1943, w/John Wayne)

They've been announcing these piecemeal over the last week, so it's possible there may be more to come.
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More (!!!) April announcements:

Cloak and Dagger (1946, w/Gary Cooper, dir. Fritz Lang)
The Enforcer (1951, w/Humphrey Bogart, ghost-directed by Raoul Walsh)
Hoodlum Empire (1952)
The Lonely Trail (1936, w/John Wayne)
The Miracle of the Bells (1948, w/Fred MacMurray and Frank Sinatra)
Night of the Scarecrow (1995)
Pals of the Saddle (1938, w/John Wayne)

Olive has now announced or released all of their pre-Stagecoach Waynes except The Oregon Trail (1936). That one is considered a lost film, so if Olive/Paramount have actually dug it up somewhere--and I'm not convinced they have--it would be big news (though the film itself probably ain't so hot to judge from Wayne's other work in this period).


Three more April announcements. Even assuming that April is a one-off and later months won't be so packed, is it really a good idea (from a business POV) to unload so much so quickly? I hope Olive isn't biting off more than they can chew. Anyway, I'm not gonna be making any new posts for April releases, because god knows where it would end:

The Men (1950, w/Marlon Brando, dir. Fred Zinnemann)
Three Faces West (1940, w/John Wayne)
The Unbelievable Truth (1989, w/Adrienne Shelly, dir. Hal Hartley)
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I look forward to Champion (1949) it's a good film.

Remember the good of days of the cold war? The Red Menace:

The caps look like one of the more promising Olive releases with some having great detail, maybe brightened a tad?
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A big disgorge -

Strangers in the Night:

She Devil:

The Diary of a Chambermaid:

The Red Menace:

I plowed through all the caps, Strangers in the Night has the best looking images with a film-like look and good detail but like the rest looks suspiciously brightened. This seems to be plaguing catalog titles lately.
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I watched She Devil last night ,some scenes look spectacular others are quite poor. It really varies around different film reels.

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Ruthless (1948):

The caps have very good detail and film grain, yet again I suspect it has been brightened.

China Gate (1957):

I guess it's notable for Nat 'King' Cole but Angie Dickinson looks so hot! The cap images seems up and down in quality, also it's a CinemaScope film so do not be surprised if it looks stretched width wise.
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How many distributors have released as many or more b&w then Olive? WB sure.

The Atomic Kid:

The Devil and Miss Jones:

Hell's Half Acre:

Some pretty damn looking caps on all three, HHA images impressed me the most with it's not lifted grading. Perhaps some faint EE in a few spots.

The Magic Christian (1969) is being released by Olive which although may go too far for some people's taste is a fine film.
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Originally Posted by wuther View Post

How many distributors have released as many or more b&w then Olive? WB sure.

I've never done a count but, honestly, I'm not even sure if WB has released as many B&W films on Blu-ray as Olive. Olive's B&W Blu-ray output is staggering. just this morning, I got CHINA GATE and THE ATOMIC KID. Looking at my amazon history, I've gotten NINE B&W films from Olive in the last 90 days..and just ONE (Grand Hotel) from WB.

I actually got impatient and watch CHINA GATE already. The transfer is excellent. There is some problem with the source material. There are bouts of speckling and scratches. I notice a dropped frame or two. But the overall quality of the transfer itself is very good. And I really enjoyed the movie. I was quite surprised by Nat King Cole whom I'd never seen in a dramatic role before. He had some real acting chops.
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LoinsGate vs Olive, Running Man:


Looks like the exact same source except Olive brightened it. Better off with the old version, got mine for $5.
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More glorious black and white.

The Sun Shines Bright (1943)

The Devil and Miss Jones (1941 RKO!)

Both the caps have a film like look and good detail, of the two SSB has a nicer grading in the images to my eyes.
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City That Never Sleeps (1953) - Film Noir:

The Red Pony (1948):

The caps in these two look better then I expected, film grain, very good detail and hard to spot any artifacts or obvious brightening. Film Noir are rather rare on BD for some reason..

Champion (1949):

Left work before I got a chance to look at Champion.
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In Champion caps there certainly is a film like look with detail and nice grading but also EE can be seen especially in the boxing ring images.
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Guess this is the closest we can get to the Karl Marx Brothers, although it's only Duck Soup I want... Freedonia!:

Jimmy always reminds of Jim Carrey's impersion of the guy:

The caps in both have film grain and nice grading but also some EE, the cigarette girl image has quite a black line where her arm is against Marx.

Worth seeing again:
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Workers of the World Unite!
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Don't Bogart my cigarette, The Enforcer (1951):


I wish Olive would slow down they are wearing me out, anyway the caps have film like with the lovey Noir grading and detail, but there is EE sometimes faint others not so slight like around the shirts, shoulders, collars and face.
Originally Posted by AUS1969 View Post

Workers of the World Unite!

Those were the good old days comrade.
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When the Karl Marx Brothers ruled!
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Hoodlum Empire:

This one of the most impressive caps so far, very good detail, nice greyscale balance, film grain and hard to spot any artifacts.

Would you believe I look like Marlin Brando? The fat and old Brando with marbles in his mouth. The Men:

Overall the caps look good, some EE in places, the darkest areas are solid blocks and the dvd images are slightly darker but on the crushed side.
Originally Posted by AUS1969 View Post

When the Karl Marx Brothers ruled!
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I know what you are thinking.. where are the mime BDs? Shanks (1974):

The images have mostly weak detail and brightened mid-tones, oddly the night shots look the best.

I had no idea Adam West has freckles on his shoulders, The Girl Who Knew Too Much (1969):

Wow, lots of detail, film-like look and nice color grading in these caps.

Nothing says family movie like a drunken sailor and kids, Father Goose (1964):

The images have mostly weak detail and brightened mid-tones, oddly the night shots look the best... hmm sounds familiar...

Call me crazy but I think Barbara Stanwyck is hot, The File on Thelma Jordan (1950):

I really like the b&w grading in these caps really film noir-ish, overall the caps look detailed with a film appearance to them.
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More glorus b&w, One Touch of Venus:

The images look promising with film grain and nice grading if a bit on weak side of detail.

Film Chest ruins again, Second Chorus:

Ugh. DNR with lots of artifacts in the caps, makes Olive look brilliant by comparison.
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