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Any home wiring advice

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Going to be building a house really soon and want to get everything right the first time so I don't have to make any changes. Wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions or thoughts... I"m going to be doing the wiring myself.

1. CAT6 sounds like a must from what everyone has told me
2. Internet in all bedrooms
3. Basement will not be finished yet so I can run everything through there
4. Lync 6 system will be providing whole house audio. Master, Kitchen, Garage, Outside, Dinning Room and maybe loft upstairs.
5. TV's in family room, master and bedrooms upstairs. Most likely run it to loft also.
6. AV setup will be in family room on wall facing master along with TV so I can see if from the kitchen

What else do I need or am I missing? I know this is probably vague but wanted to get some ideas rolling.

First floor attached file is from HTD. You give them a floor plan and they give you suggestions. Figured why not.


Chris Ciampi HTD Initial Design 5-18-2012 PRINT.pdf 434.849609375k . file


SECOND FLOOR PLAN.pdf 121.84375k . file
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Read the "Wiring Your House" Wiki over at cocoontech. Take it slow so your brain doesn't hurt and you get all woosey...


HTD gave you a good start on a plan.

1) It's not "Internet", it's multiple cat5e/cat6 drops per room. May be used for Ethernet networking, may be used for a half-dozen other A/V-related topics... Can't pull too much. Really. Can't.

2) Make sure you have a chase or conduit run between the attic and the basement mechanical room (wherever you'll put your wiring 'closet'), so that you can add stuff in the future and reach the second floor from above.

3) When I built three years ago, it was obvious that any future TV would be flat and therefore easily wall-mounted. I put Arlington "TV box" recessed 4-gang plates in many rooms which made it simple to install the TV. If you don't plan to use them immediately, they can be covered with a blank plate (and then a picture or whatever - that's a big empty plate!)...

4) Run speaker/zones to just about every room, even if you'll only install a 6-zone system today. Never be as cheap or easy to do it now.

5) Multiple cat5e/cat6 runs to wherever there may be a TV (in addition to coax). HDBaseT or Ethernet is very likely the future for home video distribution. And if not, whatever is will probably use cat5e, too.

After you regain your balance from reading the Wiki, come ask again!

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Thanks Jeff!

I will start my reading and let you know when my head starts hurting
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