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harman kardon bds 470

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i m searching for a compact but perfect sound quality home theatre system that plays bluray. that must be good for music too
i dont want 5.1 system with cables
what do u think about this harman kardon

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I bought an older version, the BDS 2/120 last year, needed something simple and yet wanted something that sounded decent too. I found one of these at a discount shop for less than $300. It is only the reciever/blu-ray player, no speakers, which is what I wanted as I already had a pair of Martin Logan Motion 10's to use with it. This simple setup is really quite fantastic overall. I have since added a pair of subs using a "Y" connector and it sounds even better, the whole package for about $1200. Sure, I imagine one could do better possibly, but this is a very simple setup, only 2.2, but very convincing when watching blu-ray and using Dolby Virtual Suuround settings.

With the newer model, things get even better with the multiple HDMI inputs. Mine only has the one HDMI out for the blu-ray and audio, but does have 3 digital inputs which I use for my Apple TV and cable box. Depending on the pice, I don't think it to be a bad option at all, and I was quite surpriesed at how good the little 65 watt class D amps are in this thing. Good sound, built-in blu-ray and FM tuner, works a treat for me.

If I run across the newer one on sale-reciever only, I will probably buy one, it makes switching of your inputs easier and more flexible than the single HDMI I currently have. Just my 2 cents worth, but I am enjoying mine! Tim
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