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Sports Champions 2!

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One of the best PS3 titles is FINALLY getting a well-deserved sequel. Here's the trailer announcing Sports Champions 2:

The events include:

Tennis (yay!)
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I want more frisbee golf and boche ball courses.
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Looking forward to the tennis. Skiing looks fun too. Would rather have any other sport than archery again.
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I was hoping for more disc golf as well. But hopefully the tennis will be as good as the ping pong from SC1.
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From the PS Blog:


San Diego Studio and Zindagi Games were blown away by the success of the multi-million unit-seller Sports Champions and with the newly announced Sports Champions 2, we’re looking forward to providing new experiences for everyone to enjoy with an expanded sporting lineup featuring Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling, and a fully updated Archery experience.

Sports Champions 2 revives favorite features, including the surprisingly deep and challenging single-player Cup Play and the customizable Free Play mode, plus fun arcade Challenge rounds for each event. We’ve made a ton of improvements, too: Three-point PS Move calibration is no longer required (and it won’t sacrifice gameplay; player avatars can be created and customized per event; a new profile system enables everyone in the house to play together with their own avatars and settings; and the photo booth is more customizable and easier to use.

There’s also an all-new Party Play mode that I can’t wait to show off because it’s the perfect way to play with your friends and family on game night. You can play matches from any combination of events, including Challenge Rounds, and add up your score to see who reigns as the party champion. You can create your own match playlist, see photos and voices from each player during the game, and draw something humiliating (or nice!) on the hapless loser.

Here's a pic of the golf mode:

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the only move game I actually play. I can't believe they couldn't bring ping pong back... that was by far my favorite... maybe the tennis will play well... not sure how though because ping pong is basically miniature tennis and is perfect for the move since you do have to move but not that much... I wonder how they'll implement having to cover the entire tennis court and not make it feel cheap

Also, is online MP just not possible with this technology? If the ping pong had online MP, I'd still be playing the game all the time.
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I think they leave online out because it makes the game more complicated to develop and thus more expensive (or just take longer to make). They also know that very few people will use it. These are local MP games mostly.
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Anyone try the demo yet?

Skiing was a nice surprise for me. It plays like a fun, immersive racing game. Assuming the course included in the demo was on the vanilla side, I can't wait to try out the other courses. I might even consider a DLC purchase for additional courses down the road.

Given that I've never played a golf game before, I actually found the golf in the demo easier to pick up and play than disc golf in the first SC (which I still totally suck at). By the way, for anyone buying the game in its first run, you get a voucher for a free Golf DLC pack that includes Scramble, Best Ball, and Stableford Golf modes, and a set of carbon fiber golf clubs for your Champion (according to the PS Blog).

Lastly, the tennis was as fun and accurate as I hoped and expected, though of course on the easy side since the demo offers essentially the first match of the bronze difficulty. And the AI automatically moves your avatar to where the ball is coming, similar to beach volleyball in SC1. Maybe at harder difficulties you get less of an assist.

My only criticism, and I hope this is just because it's the demo, is the graphics. The bright sunlight seems to wash out a lot of the detail and textures in each of the sports, and the character modeling was a step backwards from SC1, which I always thought was decent for the type of game it was. In other words, you don't see anything remotely resembling the quality in the screen shot of the golf game posted above.
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I wish they'd release more frisbee golf levels or botchee ball coarses.

Golf and tennis etc. have been done a million times.

How about horseshoes ?
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Originally Posted by defdog99 View Post

I wish they'd release more frisbee golf levels or botchee ball coarses.
Golf and tennis etc. have been done a million times.
How about horseshoes ?

As someone who has never owned a Wii or bought any other sports games for the PS3, I'm actually glad they are doing more traditional sports this time (tennis, boxing, golf, bowling). I really don't understand why they brought back archery, though. I know it's something they put a lot of development time into tweaking for Deadmund's Quest. But, yeah, give me horseshoes or anything else different from the last installment.
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Horseshoes would have been an awesome addition.

I was really interested in the golf demo. I've played Tiger Woods with the move and was hoping for something a little easier to control/play. Tiger Woods is fine with the move, but can be difficult to navigate. Sports Champions seems to only give you the basic options and keeps things simple. I was also thrown back back by the graphics as SC1 looked more refined, but this could definitely be an earlier build.
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I gave the tennis a quick try. I found the helper arrows distracting, I hope they can be disabled in the full version, I just want to look at the ball.

I still want a full disc golf game. Versus traditional golf, using a move controller seems much more akin to disc golf, given the stance, weight of the equipment (move vs a disc), releasing the trigger as you release the disc, etc. It would be especially nice to see a partnership with Discraft or Innova to get realistic flight patterns with different materials/weights.
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I honestly thought Move was dead.
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Originally Posted by blklightning View Post

I honestly thought Move was dead.

It definitely seems to be on life support, but as long as Xbox is pushing Kinect and the Wii is putting out a new console, I guess Sony doesn't feel it can abandon it entirely.

If you look around there's still many new releases this year and next (exclusives along with multiplatform/ports): Sorcery, Sports Champions 2, Just Dance 4, Addidas miCoach, Epic Mickey 2, Wonderbook, LBP Karting, Angry Birds trilogy, Brave, Fifa13, Bioshock Infinite, and Beyond: Two Souls.
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How's the 3D? It seems a little risky as standing causes you to no longer be eye level with the center of the TV, increasing chances of non-optimal 3D viewing. Especially since you are also active.

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Been playing it daily since Friday alone and with the kids. Over all the pakage is better than SC1, but some of the sports are weaker.

Bowling > Golf > Archery > Tennis > Skiing > Boxing

You can make your own avatar now and different people can use theirs for their own progress. You can also use them for MP and party mode. For $40 it is a great package that is hard to find faults with. I think the controller tracking has been dumbed down a bit to make the game more accessible, but it is hard to notice. The per-person calibration is gone, which leads me to think they are tracking less info - they have no way to know how long your arms are or how tall you are.

Golf and bowling alone make it a great game, I hope they have DLC (there was some golf DLC with the game). One missed opportunity is they should have packaged all the SC1 sports into SC2 sop you can use your avatar and not have to switch games. I suspect the differences in calibration alone make this to difficult.

Golf <= Disc Golf
Tennis >= Table Tennis
Archery == Archery
Boxing < Gladiator
Skiing < Vollyball
Bowling == Bocce

I have not boxed much yet, so maybe I need to give it more time. So overall not quite as good as games (for adults), but still a must have for those who enjoyed SC1.
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Originally Posted by blklightning View Post

I honestly thought Move was dead.

I know this is just your trolling schtick, but in the last few weeks there has been:

Sports Champions 2
Toy Story Mania
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Just Dance 4
007 Legends
Angry Birds
Unfinished Swan

With Epic Mickey, LBP Karting, Wonderbook and Portal 2DLC in the next few weeks.

The Move Racing Wheel was just released hence the latest crop of racing games have the Move label and it was announced all driving game will support the wheel unofficially.

Seems to be quite alive, maybe you were thinking of Kinect and its epic fails this year? Are you still dancing to Han Solo?
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I finally had a chance to get into this the past couple of days and tried bowling, tennis, and skiing. Overall I'm very pleased with this, but as I mentioned in my review of the demo (above), the graphics aren't that great, especially the avatars (modeling, body shape, facial features, textures, etc.). But this may be a concession the developers made in order to allow for the customization. Of course when playing, it's difficult to notice texture and lighting issues and whatnot in the environment (I mainly notice issues in the animations before and after the matches), but I seem to recall Sports Champions 1 looking a bit better than this. At any rate, not a deal breaker since the real attraction here is the motion gaming, which has been implemented quite well once again.

I breezed through the bronze cup in tennis and bowling and ran into my first challenge with the bronze cup skiing boss. Oddly, I three starred it in my first attempt, though I lost the race. After several restarts, I realized what I was doing wrong, and learned the course much better, and finally finished first in order to unlock the silver cup round. And after playing some tennis silver cup matches, I realized how deceptively easy the bronze matches were (it was almost impossible to hit the ball out and the AI hit very softly in bronze), though the silver cup matches were still easily winnable, just not as easy to three star.

One other slight disappointment, there are only 6 matches (including the challenge round) for each cup tournament (at least in silver and bronze) instead of the 11 there were in SC1.
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