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LCD tv recommendation

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B-day and Father's Day are coming, and I'm requesting a HDTV for the man cave...

1. How far away will you be from the display when watching it? 4 to 5 feet

2. What TV will it be replacing? 5 yr old, 22 inch, 720p, LG tv

3. What will you be watching on it? 1/4 tv shows, 1/4 movies, 1/4 sports, 1/4 gaming from PC

4. Will a computer be connected to use the display as a monitor? If so, what percent of the time? up to 1/4 for PC gaming

5. Will you be getting a Blu-ray player to watch movies and will you be getting any HD service from cable/sat, or will you just be watching SD programming, and an upscaling SD DVD player? HD service from cable, OTA

6. Are you looking for the best in class display, the best bargain display, or best bang for the buck in the middle display? best bargain with decent PQ

7. Are you interested in seeing 3D with the new 3DTVs? Yes would consider if in my price range

8. What is the room lighting situation? (i.e. can you control the lighting? Can you use light blocking blinds, etc to control it?)
basement room with small window, can be curtained.

9. What is your budget range? $500 to 750

10. Will people be watching at multiple viewing angles or just usually one person sitting directly in the center? single person, directly in center

11. When will most viewing be done on the display (i.e. Daytime or after sunset)? Most viewing in evening
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4' to 5' feet from the tv?
Where is it, in a closet?
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Lol, no, not in a closet... My mancave (12' x 15') has my gaming computer, tv stand, a desk, storage, and a work area for my model railroad stuff. The tv is close to my computer, in fact 4 to 5 feet away from my normal seating position.
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Why don't you just buy a new large screen computer monitor and use it as double duty
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