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Today's Show:
Google has been making slow and somewhat quiet attempts to enter the Operating System space for a while. The last major concerted effort manifested as a new form of netbooks running the Google Chrome operating system dubbed Chromebooks. These new netbooks were supposed to be a huge hit, but haven't quite taken off yet. Samsung recently announced an upgrade to the Chromebook line as well as a twist on the Chromebook with a new offering called the Chromebox.

We also discuss:
  • Light-Dims, sunglasses for your equipment!
  • Amazon's new 'Never Before on DVD' store: More than 2,000 titles as on-demand discs
  • LG 3D Sound Zooming and the LG BH9420PW system
  • Dishtenna from DTV Green Dish is available nationwide
  • Verizon doubled FiOS speeds to 300Mbps
  • The new ATSC non-Real-Time standard
  • TiVo had a Q1 net loss of $20.8 million
  • Mitsubishi is now shipping their 2012 Rear-Projection TV line

and a lot more...

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