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The 4K myth read

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Interesting read for those considering "4K".

Also, "Home Theater Video Design" best practices document (CEA/CEDIA-DEB23-A) is now available at www.CE.org
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"Who is John Galt?"
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This is a GREAT article. Thanks for sharing!
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Not to mention that virtually all MPEG compressed content (DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Cable, Satellite) is compressed by 4:2:0 - even if the uncompressed source was full chroma resolution it would just get thrown away!
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That's fascinating. Thanks for posting
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Interesting read. My brain turned off slightly when he started talking up the merits of HDR blending. I'm not a fan of the process - the images just aren't natural.
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Thanks for that link. Dennis have you got anything recent from Joe Kane? I know he has a 4k "affinity" screen product out. I'd be curious to see his take on the next five years of display technology.
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"Who is John Galt"

John Galt is currently the Senior Vice President of Advanced Digital Imaging at Panavision's corporate office. His responsibilities at Panavision include the development of digital imaging technologies in support of Panavision's core motion picture and television production business.

Galt was project leader of the group that, with Panavision's technology partner Sony, developed the "Genesis" digital cinematography camera. Prior to Genesis, Galt was also responsible for the "Panavized" version of the Sony HDW-F900 first used by George Lucas on StarWars episode 2.

He was previously employed as Vice President, High Definition Technology Development for Sony Pictures High Definition Center. His main responsibilities were the integration of electronic and film imaging systems. This included film preservation, High Definition film transfer systems and electronic cinema. Galt was project leader of the group that designed and built the first High Definition Telecine in North America.

Prior to Joining Sony in 1988 Galt was president of Northernlight & Picture Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Northernlight & Picture was the co-producer along with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation of "Chasing Rainbows" a fourteen-hour drama series, the first to be produced and photographed using high definition video technology. John Galt was also Director of Photography on this project.

He holds numerous U.S., British, and Japanese patents in film and electronic imaging related areas.
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It was a rhetorical question - famous / oft-repeated line in Atlas Shrugged.
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Ayn never said that.

...a character in her book maybe ....
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nice read, thx for posting, I read the article comments and was suprised it's 3 years old.
Still very informative.
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What an incredible & educational article!! Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for the heads up Dennis,...I really dig encountering articles that I wouldn't otherwise discover,.... so thanks for that.

So much interesting information...

Some of the fun stuff; Damn, $68k for flash memory
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Wow, I just read this and was going to post it, great article, definitely worth a read.
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